Eritrea: Illiteracy Rate Reduced to 20 Percent

Development News
Eritrea’s national adult literacy rate has improved to 80 percent owing in large part to its Adult Education program. Youth literacy rate is over 93 percent, the highest in Eastern and Sub-Saharan Africa.


The head of adult education quality control in the Ministry of Education, Mr. Weldu Berhe reported that with the integrated efforts on the part of the concerned institutions the literacy has significantly been reduced.

He made the comment in connection with September 8, International Day of Illiteracy Eradication.

Mr. Weldu pointed out that currently the illiteracy rate throughout the country is 20% and that there is plan to reduce it to 10% in five years time. He expressed on the importance of integrated efforts between the Ministry, national association, Assemblies and administrations.

Indicating that the Central and Southern regions are nearing to become illiteracy free region, Mr. Weldu said that the focus will be on the Anseba, Gash Barka and Southern and Northern Red Sea regions.

Regarding the low participation of women in the adult education program, Mr. Weldu said that the low awareness of the public has been the bottle neck for the low participation of women and that owing to the sustainable awareness raising programs the number of women participation is on the rise.

Documents of the Ministry of Education indicates that since the commencement of the adult education program 16 years back, 80% out of the one million registered to attend have successfully concluded their education.

Youth literacy rate of Eritrea
Youth (15-24 age) literacy rate of Eritrea increased from 77.9 % in 2002 to 93.3 % in 2015, growing at an annual rate of 9.76 %, the highest in the region.