Eritrea Nominates New Ambassador to the EU

Eritrea recently announced appointment of 14 new ambassadors
Re-engaging the world. Eritrea recently announced appointment of 14 new ambassadors

By CapitalEritrea,

The government of Eritrea has nominated Negassi Kassa Tekle to be its next ambassador to the European Union.

The diplomat previously held various positions in the foreign affairs of the State of Eritrea.

The appointment has not been officially announced, but a document circulated to the European Union’s member states notes that, 

The Government of the State of Eritrea intends to appoint H.E. Mr Negassi Kassa TEKLE as Head of Mission of the State of Eritrea to the European Union to replace H.E. Mr Mohammed Sulieman Ahmed”.

The new ambassador served as the Head of Administration and Finance, EPLF Information Office in Cologne, Germany, covering Belgium for four years in 1985 – 1989, after joining the Eritrean People’s Liberation Front (EPLF) in 1983.

He has spent more than two decades working in the diplomatic service, from Head of Documentation, Finance and Consular Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affaires to Chargés d’ Affairs a.i. Embassy of the State of Eritrea, Kingdom of Belgium, the European Union, the Duchy of Luxembourg and the Netherlands in the present.

The 62-year-old widower was born in Mearda, Eritrea and holds a Master in Development Economics from David Livingstone Institute of Overseas Development Studies, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, UK.


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