Eritrea: Over 8,000 students graduated within 3 years

Dr. Tadesse Mehari

More than 8,000 students graduated in degree and diploma over the past 3 years from the existing 7 colleges in different parts of the country, stated Dr. Tadesse Mehari, executive director of the board of institutions of higher learning.

He pointed out that over 3,000 nationals graduated in degree and over 5,000 in diploma.

Accordingly, about 3,640 graduated from the Eritrean Institute of Technology, 561 from College of Science and Marine Technology, 632 from College of Arts and Social Science, 207 from Asmara College of Health Science, 32 from Orotta School of Medicine, 1,946 from Halhal Business and Economic College and 1,136 from Hamelmalo College of Agriculture.

Noting that higher educational opportunity has been expanded double-fold thanks to the Government’s substantial investment, Dr. Tadesse noted that the number of graduates which used to be limited to about 1,000 earlier has now multiplied with the opening of new colleges in various corners of the country.  Post-graduate programs are also in the process of being launched, he added.

Moreover, Dr. Tadesse pointed out that efforts would be stepped up in launching distance learning program, upgrading the quality of education and fostering collaboration with partners. All colleges have been equipped with the necessary textbooks, computers, internet and library facilities, and that endeavors are being stepped up to upgrade the competence of instructors.

With the launching of post-graduate study, research and study activities would gain momentum, Dr. Tadesse elaborated.

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