Eritrea Ranks 3rd in Africa for Solar Power Capacity

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Solar Powered Water Pump in the Anseba region
Solar Powered Water Pump in the Anseba region

By Reuters,

Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Solar Power Opportunities – Eritrea” report to their offering.

Eritrea had 1 megawatt of installed solar capacity in 2012, unchanged from the prior year. This represented 28.6% of all renewable capacity, 0.7% of total (conventional + renewable) capacity and generated 2 gigawatthours of electricity. The outlook for 2017 is 1 megawatt of installed solar capacity, ranking solar in 2nd place out of all renewable power sectors. Compared to other solar markets, Eritrea ranked #50 worldwide and #3 within Africa for installed solar capacity.

There are so many opportunities to invest in solar power around the World. But how do you decide where to invest? Which are the most attractive markets, both in terms of solar power fundamentals and the general business environment?

This report, Solar Power Opportunities – Eritrea, provides a comparative framework for analysing the potential attractiveness of the solar power market in Eritrea and for assessing macro conditions, access to market, national energy policy, growth potential of renewable energy and infrastructure considerations relative to other markets across Africa and the World.

The report provides both a detailed analysis of solar power capacity and generation trends in Eritrea, a review of the policy landscape, a SWOT analysis and coverage of over 100 market and business variables that define the opportunities of investing in the solar market in Eritrea compared to other regional or World markets.