Eritrea Rejects Amnesty International’s Wild Accusations


Amnesty International is a controversial organisation allegedly survive by lying and spreading propaganda for the UN, oil barons, IMF and the global cable intent with one hidden agenda: create a non-existing crisis, level the ground for crisis management and control and loot the country and its resources

It's predictable. Independence Celebration comes AI cries foul
It’s becoming predictable. Independence Celebration comes AI cries foul

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

Eritrea rejects in the clearest of terms Amnesty International’s wild accusations  that  it has “jailed at least 10,000  political prisoners.”

Amnesty’s    transparently    political     assault    on    Eritrea     is    totally unsubstantiated, with  the  organization unable  to  back  its  claims  with facts.  It is hardly  surprising that  it admits  that  it does not  “know  the exact figure.”

Amnesty claims that the prisoners  are kept in “unimaginably atrocious conditions.” Once again  this  merely  reflects  its  own  fanciful  flights  of imagination and is not based on credible  evidence. 

Amnesty’s cynical  manipulation of human  rights  does not  only  further erode  its  credibility but  it is also a disservice  to  human  rights  and the thousands  of concerned  people  who back its campaigns.

Amnesty     International  knows   full   well  that   Eritrea   was   born   in  a remarkable thirty year  struggle  for human  rights. The consolidation of the human  rights  of the  people  of Eritrea  in their  diversity- ethnic  and cultural  groups,  women, youth,  children, the  disabled- remains  an overriding priority for the government and people of Eritrea.

Eritreans   are  the  first   to  admit, and  need  no  prompting  to  remind them,  that  they  still  have  a long  way to  go to  secure  a life  of dignity and  prosperity  for  themselves  in  their   young   nation.   By  the  same measure, they  don’t  hesitate  to strongly  rebuff  all those  who abuse the vital  cause of human  rights  in the  pursuit  of a political  agenda  aimed at undermining Eritrea’s  efforts  at comprehensive nation-building.

Stepping   boldly   into  the  political, Amnesty  International claims  that “Twenty  years   on  from   the  euphoric   celebrations  of  independence, Eritrea   is  one   of  the   most   repressive,  secretive   and   inaccessible countries  in the  world.” Eritreans  and the thousands  of foreigners from all over the  world  who work and live in Eritrea  cannot  but  wonder  how far off the mark  Amnesty  chooses to be, as the sordid  picture it paints resembles  little to the reality.

Undeterred, Eritreans  and their  friends,  not  just  in Eritrea, but  all over the  world  will  be participating this  month  “in  euphoric  celebrations of independence.” Of course, Amnesty  International will take  no notice  of these   indicators  of  the   Eritrean   people’s  stance,   smug      in  its  self­-righteous   belief   that   it can,  with   impunity, attack   and     denigrate  a young   nation, which  despite   many   odds,  manages   to  progress   and improve  the lives of its citizens.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
09 May 203

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