Eritrea, Shaebia and Isaias: United and Indivisible

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The obsession of Woyane and his witless acolytes with Eritrea, Shaebia and Isaias knows no boundaries
The obsession of Woyane and their witless acolytes with Eritrea, Shaebia and Isaias knows no boundaries

By Hillal,

ERITREA, Shaebia and Isaias are at the center of the Woyane political universe. Ethiopia seems to be their part time project or an afterthought.

The brutal tribal junta despite enjoying absolute power in Ethiopia is obsessed and fixated with Eritrea. They know perfectly well that Eritrea, Shabeia and Isaias are one and the same, three in one and one in three. Thus, their futile campaign to demonize Shaebia and Isaias are intended to create discord, disunity and division between the Eritrean leadership/ Shaebia and the Eritrean people.

Forget the mundane bravado and beating of the hollow drums by the Tigrayans, Woyane is the creation of Shaebia. Without the kindness, goodwill and generosity of Shaebia, there won’t a be a Woyane period. It was a brilliant strategic move designed for the revolution to engulf Ethiopia and the whole of the HOA region. 

All the major battles within Ethiopia proper and the capture of Addis and the Menelik Palace were the works of the superior EPLF fighters and their mechanized brigades. It’s hard to imagine the amount of sacrifices the Eritreans paid for the war effort.

The Eritreans practically gave the keys to the Menelik Palace to the thankless uncultured peasants. The battle hardened and politically savvy Eritreans advised the Woyane to make efforts to broaden their governing coalition and invite all the stakeholders in Ethiopia to the negotiation table, but to no avail.

The noble idea was to create a safe neighborhood and usher a new era of peace, security,cooperation and development in the HOA region. IGAD was reborn as a political, economic, security and a cultural cooperation hub. Open borders, free trade and integration became the buzz words of that short lived period.

Shaebia knew that the Woyane were untrustworthy. In spite of being spoiled by the nurturing Shaebia bosoms their dual mentality and speaking with both sides of their mouth were always problems. It didn’t take long for their true colors to come out in earnest.

They made themselves the de facto rulers and left no stone unturned in trying to create havoc and mayhem in Ethiopia. Ethnic Apartied and Article 39 became the laws of the land. The divide and rule policy of the colonizers were mercilessly applied in Ethiopia to the detriment and the survival of the Ethiopian nation.

Once they assumed that they were strong enough, blinded by greed, power and miscalculation, they unleashed a war of aggression against their creators and benefactors, the Eritreans. Their multi faceted futile agenda was a total failure. The war didn’t achieve its political objective.

1. Regime change in Eritrea -replacing the leadership with a puppet regime made of Asmara born Tegarus

2. Expansion of the boundaries of Tigray – making it ready for the Abbay Tigray Republic of the future a la the Tigray Manifesto.

3. When the above two ill advised agendas were not met, the Assab and the nationalist cards were brought to the front burner to rally the Ethiopian nationalist crowd.

When President Isaias Afwerki (PIA) was asked to give his assessments about the causes, the speed and ferocity of the Woyane aggression his response was measured, precise and to the point. He said that bankruptcy is a normal business phenomenon, but, when the bankruptcy is of the mental nature, it’s tragic and doubly troubling. He added that the dream of the “hassaddat” Woyanes is the extermination of the Eritrean race from the face of the Earth.

The Weyannes know Shabeia well, for it is the one that created them and it’s the one that has the ability to take them out. There can’t be any other plausible explanation for the hysteria and paranoia about Eritrea, Shaebia and Isaias. It’s affecting their tortured and inferiority complex laden mindset. Doing the same thing again and again and expecting different results is madness, pure and simple.

Their shameful and coward actions are making the Ethiopian nation the laughing stock of the diplomatic world. Imagine the humiliation of the Ethiopian nation, when they asked the UN for a buffer zone of 25 Km wide with no Eritrean army inside it, UN peacekeepers to monitor it and all Eritrean big guns be pulled out of the Buffer Zone.

How low is it for the Ethiopian nation to beg the UN and the so called international community to sanction Eritrea on a daily basis. The worst and embarrassing of all is asking the neighboring failing and failed states and Banana Republics to pick a fight against Eritrea and beg the UN again to punish Eritrea.

Their obsession with Eritrea, Shaebia and Isaias knows no boundaries. It’s the only and only growth industry in Ethiopia. Manufacturing and fabrication of lies and deceit to tarnish the image of Eritrea is their main preoccupation. Millions of dollars are being spent on lobbyists, yellow journalists, NGOs and academicians and Think Tanks with questionable motives to implement their evil agendas.

During the armed struggle, there was a saying that the presence of Isaias in the front lines, in times of war, is like having an additional 50,000 fresh, rested and ready to fight troops/fighters. Today, the Woyane have nightmares and sleepless nights scared and wondering about what his next moves would be. They used to sing Hallelujah to him and now they want to crucify him.

PIA, was asked in one of his interviews about the secrets for the success of Shaebia. He said that the success isn’t only because of the correct policies and brilliant commanders, but mostly because of the courage, gallantry and heroism of the squad and platoon leaders on the front line that were leading their comrades into the fire. Translation is there are 6 million Isaiases in Eritrea.

Finally, it’s crystal clear that we are approaching the finishing line. As General Sebhat Ephrem said it is 5:59 AM in Eritrea and 5:59 PM in the Woyane Ethiopia. While the Sun is rising in Eritrea, it’s setting in the Gestapo Headquarters-Menelik Palace in Ethiopia.

Keeping Eritrea at bay for the survival of the brutal minority of a minority regime in Ethiopia isn’t going to work. It’s a strategic error that is detriment to the survival of Ethiopia as a nation.

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