Eritrea to Convene Investment Conference

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Eritrea to conduct national economy investment conference

By TesfaNews,

The Government of Eritrea has planned to convene a mega conference on the 27th and 28th of August, in Asmara, to discuss on the upcoming policy that aims to benefit the people of Eritrea from the national wealth by investing on the country’s red-hot national economy.

This initiative comes at a time when the Eritrean economy continues to register a double digit growth in the last two consecutive years thanks to the hard work, steadfastness and implementation of  investment by the people and Government of Eritrea over the past two decades. 

The government prides itself on outlining a precise strategy and objective of fostering a broad participation of the Eritrean people in the development of the economy as well as the creation and distribution of national wealth.

This upcoming investment conference, dubbed as the “Eritrea Investment Conference”, will focus on three key pillars of investment:

•    Saving and financing programs

•    Broad participation in the ownership of profitable enterprises by buying shares

•    Priority sectors and specific projects for investment by Eritrean nationals

During the conference, an overall policy paper as well as papers on the three pillars will be presented by government representatives. There will also be opportunity for follow-up discussion on specific ideas and investment projects.

Hence, the Government of Eritrea is inviting Eritrean citizens interested in the objectives of the conference and in investing in the country to participate in this important conference.

[Outsourced from Shabait]