Eritrea to Hold Second Regional Mining Conference – The Asmara GeoCongress 2011

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Asmara GeoCongress 2011 to be held from 4 - 8 October 2011

By MoEM,

Eritrea has announced its intention to hold the second regional mining conference known as the ‘Asmara GeoCongress’. In an attempt to promote the exploration and mining activities of the country and the region in general, the Eritrean Ministry of Energy and Mines will sponsor the Asmara GeoCongress 2011’ that is to be held in Asmara from October 4 – 8 of this year.

As part of the Arabian Nubian Shield, Eritrea is now being acknowledged for its substantial mineral potential that ranges from VHMS polymetallic deposits associated with NeoProterozoic rocks of this Shield, to epithermal gold and Potash deposits in the younger Red Sea Rift-related sedimentary and volcanic rocks of Tertiary and Quaternary Periods.

The commencement of commercial production of the first modern mine at Bisha and the presence of different advanced projects of gold at Koka (Chalice Gold Mines, Zara project), base metal and gold deposits at Debarwa, Embaderho and Adi Nefas (SunRidge Gold Corp., Asmara Project) together with that of the Potash deposit at the Denakil Depression (South Boulders, Colluli Potash Project) makes Eritrea an attractive destination for potential metallic and non-metallic minerals exploration and mining.

The objective of the GeoCongress is to bring together earth scientists, mining experts, investors, service providers and regulators, to share experiences and to discuss, on current activities of exploration, mining and on various topics of interest. The event will provide a good opportunity for the participants to gather valuable information on recent views on the evolution of the geology of the region, new techniques and approaches in exploration and mining for metallic and nonmetallic minerals, and the social, environmental, financial and legal challenges associated with exploration and mining activities.

The GeoCongress is also expected to promote the mineral resources of the Shield and enhance regional cooperation and coordination. (Source)



Mr. Alem Kibreab, director general for the Department of Mines

Shabait, 30 September 2011 – A Regional Geo Congress in which different countries and mining companies would take part would be held in Asmara from 4 to 8 October 2011.

According to Mr. Alem Kibreab, director general for the Department of Mines Department in the Ministry of Energy and Mines, said the Congress is aimed at exchanging experiences among countries, and thereby ensure reliable mining activities, besides promoting environmental protection.

Indicating that in view of the fact that Eritrea occupies a significant geographical location in the Arabian-Nubian Shield, as well as the prevailing peace in the country and the hospitable nature of the people, he explained that it is logical to host Geo Congress. Mr. Alem further pointed out that the on-going mining activities in the nation are quite promising.

Delegates from different countries, internationally recognized Geo experts, mining companies operating in Eritrea, Eritrean experts and investors of service-rendering institutions would take part in the Congress. Besides, different papers on the mining, geology, environment and its impact would be presented.