Eritrea Strongly Support Egypt over Nile Water

Eritrea and Egypt needs one another more than ever

The newly appointed Eritrean Ambassador to Egypt, Mr. Osman Mohammed Omar, yesterday held talks  with the Egyptian Prime Minister, Dr. Esam Sheref.

In the meeting, the Ambassador conveyed the Eritrean people’s message of congratulation to the Egyptian people in connection with the victory of the January 25 Revolution. He also expressed Eritrea’s readiness to work jointly with Egypt in all domains, especially the allocation of the Nile River waters.

The Egyptian Prime Minister welcomed fostering collaboration with Eritrea. In this respect, he stressed the need for Eritrea to maintain full membership in the organization of the Nile River Littoral States so that it may play effective role.
Dr. Esam Sheref further asserted that Egypt is keen to collaborate with Eritrea and other member states of the organization, and that a visit would be conducted to all member states, including Eritrea so as to work in coordination.

It has to be noted that Eritrea has appointed its new seasoned ambassador, Mr. Osman Mohammed Omar, who presented his credentials to Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, Chairman of the Egyptian Higher Military Council on 4th of April 2011.

Many believes that these new diplomatic activities by Eritrea is a smart move to counter the recent propaganda crap of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia about a policy change on Eritrea and construction of a grand dam on Nile river which is to the dissatisfaction of both Eritrea and Egypt.