Eritrea Urges Djibouti to Engage in Good-Faith and Respect the Qatari Agreement

We encourage the Djibouti government to stick to the Qatari Agreements as there exist no other mechanism or mediation modality to solve issues with Eritrea: Osman Saleh

By TesfaNews,

Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, in his 29th Nov dated letter to the AU Commissioner Jean Ping, urged the Government of Djibouti to stick to the letter and spirit of the Qatari Mediation and Agreements as there exist no other mechanism or mediation modality to resolve the country’s outstanding issues with Eritrea.

This comes to a response to Jean Ping’s letter of concern to the Minister after requesting Eritrea to engage Djibouti in good-faith and address the issue of prisoners of war (POW’s) and missing persons for the June 2008 incident.

The Foreign Minister, however, urges back Djibouti to engage Eritrea in good-faith, in accordance to the Agreement it signed before the world, than finding itself in prevocative and hostile anti-Eritrea diplomatic campaigns.

Full content of the letter follows:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ref.: MO/346/2011

H.E. Dr. Jean Ping
Chairperson, African Union Commission
Addis Ababa

Your Excellency,

Thank you for your letter dated 15th November 2011 concerning the letter you received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Djibouti.

Excellency, I appreciate your concern and offer. As one of the depositories of the Agreement signed by the President of Eritrea and Djibouti on 6 June 2010, I am sure you are well aware that the parties have fully authorized the Emir of Qatar to undertake mediation efforts to solve all outstanding issues between the two countries.

In spite of Djibouti’s repeated prevocations and hostile diplomatic campaigns, in violation of the letter and spirit of the Qatari Agreement, the Government of Eritrea has conscientiously refained from taking similar action. Eritrea is fully and strongly committed to the letter and spirit of the Qatari Agreement.

The issue of prisoners of war is part of the Comprehensive Agreement. Article 3 of the Qatari Agreement stipulates that “the issue of POWs and missing persons will be settled under the auspices and supervision of the State of Qatar.”

Whatever complaint or problem that is raised by any of the Parties should be directed to the emir of Qatar. There is no other parallel mediation modality or mechanism, and it shoul never be created.

Your Excellency, it is therefore Djibouti not Eritrea that should be urged to engage in good-faith and respect the comprehensive Qatari Agreement, unless it has withdrawn from the mediation process it has committed itself to.

The AU and UN have already endorsed and supported the agreement, therefore, I appeal to Your Excellency to encourage and urge the Government of Djibouti to fully adhere to the Qatari mediation process and Agreement.

Accept, Excellency, the Assurances of my highest consideration.

Osman Saleh Mohammed
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Asmara, November 29, 2011