Eric Garner and Eritrea – Victims of Illegal Chokehold From New York

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Justice for Eric Garner and Eritrea – Victims of Illegal Chokehold in New York
Justice for Eritrea – Victim of Illegal Economic Chokehold by a certain emotional political freak from New York

By Haile Abraham,

AS it was witnessed all over the world and on YouTube, Eric Garner, unarmed black man, was attacked in a broad daylight by a group of NYPD cops and was brought down to his death by an illegal chokehold just like a pack of hyenas would bring a big prey down for their dinner feast. The only difference is that, unlike the pack of hyenas in the jungle, the NYPD cops’ attack was motivated by racism and hatred towards another fellow human, even as he pleaded repeatedly, “I can’t breathe.

In a much more stark resemblance, five years earlier in New York, a pack of UNSC delegates led by a ring-leader named Susan Rice, also jumped all over Eritrea and imposed an illegal economic chokehold in an attempt to bring the young nation down to its knees. Unlike Eric Garner, however, Eritrea managed to breathe and also managed to stand tall despite the continuous economic chokehold.

In Eric Garner’s case, it is unfortunate that his life had to be sacrificed in order to expose the ugly face of injustice and the underlying racism in America today, but his death will unquestionably change the prevailing attitude of the much-antiquated American justice system. By the same token, it is also unfortunate that Eritrea had to pay a heavy price to challenge and expose the UN-US evil agenda of injustice and illegal treatment of poor nations.

Unlike Eric Garner, Eritrea is still struggling to free itself from the illegal economic chokehold and the continuous witch-hunt by the UN and its cohorts. Like President Issaias Afwerki once mentioned, “There is no mischief on earth they haven’t tried” to bring Eritrea down to its knees. But against all odds, Eritrea’s good intentions are now prevailing against the US-UN’s evil intentions. So as we are about to embrace another new year with a toast of whatever drink, let’s all make a wish that will hopefully shape the world we live in.

Let’s hope that:

1./ Eric Garner’s life is not wasted in vain that his death will galvanize a change in the American justice system

2./ The UNSC regains its sanity and lifts the illegal economic chokehold on Eritrea so it can breathe normally just like any other nation on earth

3./ The Woyane regime stops its evil conspiracies and vacates Eritrea’s sovereign territories peacefully so that normalization can start between the two peoples and in the Horn of Africa.

Happy New Year!!!