Eritrea Wins Kiwita Izina 2011 Cycling Tour in Rwanda

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Daniel is the number one cyclist in Africa

By TesfaNews,

The Eritrean national cycling team which is participating in the 3rd Edition of Kiwita Azina Cycling Rwanda 2011 scored impressive victory in  the three stage competition by standing first. On the first stage competition that runs from the capital Kigali – Kinigi, Eritrean cyclists Daniel Teklehaimanot, Frekalsi Debesai and Meron Russom finished from 1st to 3rd respectively.

This year’s Kwita Izina cycling race covers 321Km race and attracted some of Africa’s top cyclists in  with over 60 riders from Rwanda, Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania, Uganda, Algeria, Morocco and DRC took part. The tour is recognized by the World Cycling Race Association.

Stage 1 Result: Kigali – Kinigi

  1. Daniel Teklehaymanot (Eri)  3:05:48  
  2. Freqalsi Abrha (Eri)     
  3. Meron Russan (Eri)     
  4.  Adil Jelloul (Mar)  0:02:43  
  5.  Nicodem Habiyambere (Rwa) 0:02:52  
  6.  Gasore Hategeka (Rwa) 0:04:07  
  7.  Adrien Niyonshuti (Rwa) 0:04:53  
  8.  Tesfay Abrhaha Habtemariam (Eri)  0:05:39  
  9.  Dawit Araya (Eri)  0:07:19  
  10.  Soufiane Haddi (Mar)  0:10:15  

The 2nd phase of  Rwanda Kiwita Azina Cycling Race was taking place the following day from Ruhengeri – Gisenyi in the evening hours and Eritrea’s bulldozer Daniel Teklehaimanot finished the race with excellence.

Adrien Niyonshuti, Rwands’s most favorite rider, was aiming to beat Eritrea’s Daniel Teklehaimanot before the race begins.

Teklehaimanot is one of the best in Africa and definitely one of the favorites for the race but I fancy my chances,” was what the South-African based Rwandan rider Adrien was said before the start of the race. However, he has failed even to be among the top ten finalists.

Stage 2 Result: Ruhengeri – Gisenyi

  1. Daniel Teklehaymanot (Eri)  1:38:21  
  2. Tarik Chaoufi (Mar)    
  3. Adil Jelloul (Mar)    
  4. Freqalsi Abrha (Eri)    
  5. Tesfay Abrhaha Habtemariam (Eri)    
  6. Jani Tewelde Weldegaber (Eri)  
  7. Meran Russan (Eri)   
  8. Soufiane Haddi (Mar)  0:00:05  
  9. Lahcen Saber (Mar)    
  10. Dawit Araya (Eri) E 0:00:09  

The final stage was from Gisenyi – Kigali and it was a very difficult race. In this day again, Eritrea’s best Daniel Teklehaimanot finnished first followed by his team mate Freqalsi Debesay.

Stage 3 Result: Gisenyi – Kigali

  1. Daniel Teklehaymanot (Eri)  4:28:09  
  2. Freqalsi Abrha (Eri)  0:01:13  
  3. Adil Jelloul (Mar)  0:01:52  
  4. Soufiane Haddi (Mar)  0:02:24  
  5. Dawit Araya (Eri)    
  6. Adrien Niyonshuti (Rwa) 0:02:31  
  7. Tarik Chaoufi (Mar)  0:03:23  
  8. Jani Tewelde Weldegaber (Eri)  0:03:28  
  9. Nicodem Habiyambere (Rwa) 0:04:57  
  10. Lahcen Saber (Mar)  0:05:00  
  11. Meran Russan (Eri)  0:05:26  

Eritrean cyclists in general and African Champion of 2010, Daniel Teklehaimanot in particular, demonstrated excellent competence that won broad acclaim.

The Eritrean national cycling team was represented in the race by cyclists Daniel Teklehaimanot, Frekalsi Debesai, Meron Russom, Dawit Haile, Jani Tewolde and Tesfai Abraha. The coach of the team, Mr. Samsom Solomon, and the head of PR in the National Cycling Federation, Mr. Tekie Unquai, as leader of the team have also traveled with the team.

Teklehaimanot Wins Kwita Izina 2011

By Ostine Arinaitwe of The New Times,

Eritrea’s Daniel Teklehaimanot lived up to the billing as he won the 3rd edition of the Kwita Izina cycling tour after using 9 hours, 12 minutes and 18 seconds yesterday.

The 21-year-old who also won last year’s African cycling tour and Tour of Rwanda won all three stages of the 321km race.

Compatriot  Frekaisi Debesai came in second place after clocking nine hours, 13 minutes and 31 seconds while 2009 Tour of Rwanda winner Adil Jelloul claimed the final podium slot in a time of 9:16:53.

Rwandas homeboy Adrien Niyonshuti finished 6th after using 9 hours, 19 minutes and 54 seconds.

I fell short but still think I put in a good effort,” the South African based rider said.

The two-day race attracted cyclists from Kenya, Eritrea, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda, Algeria, Morocco and the DRC.

  1. Daniel  Teklehaimanot (ERI) 9:12:18
  2. Frekaisi Debesai (ERI) 9:13:31
  3. Adil Jelloul (MOR) 9:16:53