Eritrea Wins UN Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Seat

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Eritrea wins a three year seat at the UN Advisory Committee – ACABQ

By TesfaNews,

Eritrea won comfortably a seat on a powerful UN committee that addresses budgetary and administrative matters.

The Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABQ) is a subsidiary organ of the United Nation that oversees spending at the United Nations.

The tight race among five African candidates for the two African seats on a 16-member Advisory Committee went two rounds of balloting. 

Eritrea and Kenya from east, Botswana from South, Benin and Senegal from West Africa put their candidates for the position followed by months of shuttle diplomacy on different offices and corridors of the United Nations to secure the needed support.

Eritrea, however, after successfully won the endorsement of the African Union and most of the East African countries, officially present its representative for the UN vote.

Accordingly, in the secret ballot held at the UN general assembly this week, Eritrean representative Tesfa Alem Seyoum has been appointed to take one of the two ACBAQ seats representing Africa for a three-year term.

During the first round, Tesfa Alem Seyoum received 90 votes, but managed to increase his lead to 104 votes after the second round of voting. Babou Sene of Senegal won the other Africa seat on the committee with 99 votes. Both candidates got more than the majority required for election.

Embarrassingly defeated by Eritrea, Kenya put extra weight to win the November 12 voting for a seat on the UN’s Human Rights Council against Ethiopia. It is a race of five for three Human Rights Council seats and so far Kenya and Ethiopia are the only candidates for the two open council slots from East African sub-region. Côte d’Ivoire, Gabon and Sierra Leone are the remaining three contenders.

Sudan already won a seat on UN’s Economic and Social Council by securing more votes than the United States.