Eritrea Youth Art Club Going for Guinness World Records

A sneak preview of the 7.2Km painting prepared by NUEYS art club for competition

By TesfaNews,

The Art Club from the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students (NUEYS) has planned to lobby the world in a very ‘long’ way!

Around 827 under-17 children from NUEYS’ art clubs that exist in all corners of the country, are coming together to paint the 7,200 meter long painting on canvas that conveys a single message at an international competition.

This extremely long painting will compete for the Guinness World Records under the theme “A Pollution Free World.”

Environmental awareness and conservation, being one of NUEYS’ major campaigns, is being colorfully illustrated by these young people as their art reflects different Eritrean landscapes and aspects of the daily lives of the youth.

According to the coordinator of the program, Mr. Asefaw Asmelash, the size of the painting would be certified by signature of 5 well-known people on 26 November 2011 and sent to the Guinness World Records.

NUEYS members across the country are very active in environmental conservation activities, including tree-planting, terracing, and clean-ups of their communities.

It is to be recalled that the first National Cleaning Day in Eritrea was a campaign initiated by NUEYS.

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Eritrean youth unveiling what is considered to be world’s longest painting at the AshaGolgol – Himbrti Road during the measuring ceremony, 27 November 2011-  A ceremony was conducted today at AshaGolgol – Himberti road in connection with  the painting by young Eritrean students under the theme “Pollution-Free World”. The idea is to have it registered in the World Book of Records.

Senior government officials, including the Administrator of the Central region, Mr.Kahsai Gebrehiwet, heads of national associations, religious leaders and invited guests took part in the ceremony held to measure the length of the painting.

The measurement was undertaken by experts from the infrastructure unit of the Central region and the Cartography Unit, and the painting measured 7.166 Kilo meters. A total of 827 Under-17 Eritrean students from all parts of the country participated in the painting.

Mexico has been holding the record for a 6 Km.-long similar painting.