Eritrean Airlines and NasAir Merged

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Eritrean and NassAir Merger,

Eritrea’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Mr. Woldemichael Abraha, has disclosed that, Eritrean Airlines and Eritrea’s privately owned Nasair have recently been merged together.

[This year] NasAir and Eritrean Airlines have been merged together and this would help bring about better outcome”

NasAir first started operations in 2006 from its headquarters in Massawa and conducts four times a week domestic flights to and from Massawa and Asmara, as well as making twice a week international flights to Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Sudan and Kenya.

Currently, NassAir staffs 75 Eritrean nationals, including its manager Mr. Berhane Mehari, and provides their services through 3 kinds of Boeing made 737-200 planes. Prior to the recent merger with Eritrean airlines, NasAir was in talks to purchase a larger Boeing made 737-400 plane to provide flights to Europe and other distant locations.

Mr. Abraha further indicated that Massawa’s recently constructed international airport will commence operation this year.  Nasair had opened a new ticket office in downtown Asmara.

Eritrean Airlines in action on the skys of Europe



Asmara, 25 March 2011 – NASAIR disclosed that it has changed its name to NASAIR ERITREA because there exists another company with the same name, and not because it merged with Eritrean Airlines.

The privately-owned airlines told ERINA that Eritrean Airlines is its work partnership, and that as of April 2 it would begin international flights to Dubai, Jeddah, Khartoum and Nairobi bearing the new name. Besides, it would launch domestic flights to Massawa and Assab.

Moreover, NASAIR ERITREA has organized charter flights to and fro Europe on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Independence Day celebrations.

Meanwhile, the Eritrean Airlines has authorized a foreign company to handle administrative matters, and that it would soon re-launch its operations.



NASAIR ERITREA To Begin International Flights

NASAIR which changed its name to NASAIR ERITREA will begin international flights to Dubai, Jeddah, Nairobi and Khartoum starting from April 2, 2011.

Nasair Eritrea New Flight Schedule

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