Eritrean Airlines Resume Flights to Jeddah and Dubai

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Flights to Eritrea were getting increasingly expensive owing to the decreasing options. However, with the assortment of such growing alternative flights to the country, travelers would have a breeze and convenience traveling this time to Eritrea.
Flights to Eritrea were getting increasingly expensive owing to the decreasing options. However, the commencement of alternative flights starting this summer would make travelling to Eritrea a breeze

By TesfaNews,

ERITREAN Airlines this week announced to resume scheduled flights to the Middle East, connecting Asmara once again with Jeddah and Dubai with two weekly flights starting the first week of May.

According to the announcement, the national carrier will fly to Dubai every Tuesday and Sunday while to Jeddah every Monday and Thursday. 

Peak tourist season in Eritrea runs from May to September.

Eritreans from overseas return in their droves during summer holidays and took part in the various national holiday celebrations. Two highly expected festivals in Sawa and Asmara around mid-July and August; independence day celebration in May and Martyrs day in June are expected to draw tens of thousands of Eritrean travelers besides the growing number of foreign tourists during the season.

The airline also said that previous aviation agreements with Emirates Airlines, Qatar Airways and Alitalia will also help travelers to have ample connection flight choices.

Meanwhile, Sudan Airways also announce one additional scheduled service to Juba and Cairo direct from Asmara. Accordingly, the airline will start flying to Juba and Cairo every Thursday during this festive season besides it regular Asmara – Khartoum flights.

Another new entrant, Fly Olympic Airlines, a Stockholm based JAV operated airlines, will have its maiden flight to Asmara on June 6, 2014.

According to the ads the airline run on local media outlets, the airline would have flights to Asmara twice a week: Asmara-Amman-London every Saturday and Asmara-Amman-Stockholm every Sunday.

World’s most notable airline, Turkish Airline, is also expected to commence its maiden flights to Asmara on May 29th.

Flights to Eritrea have been increasingly expensive owing to the decreasing options. However, the convenience of such alternative flights would make travelling to Eritrea a breeze.

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