Eritrean-American Rapper Sandman Neguse Murdered

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Eritrea's patriotic Rap Singer - Sandman Negus” murdered
Eritrea’s patriotic Rap Singer – Sandman Negus” (Sador Fasehaye): 1986 – 2012


Eritrean-American rap singer Sador “Sandman Negus” Fasehaye  has been shot and killed yesterday evening (27) in one of South Los Angeles backstreets.

Born in Bulgaria in 1986 form Eritrean parents, he moved to U.S. with his parents from Sudan at the age of 7.

However, Sador has not forgotten his Eritrean heritage. In some of his songs he mixes Tigrigna music with English rap lyrics. 

Using the stage name Sandman, Sador started singing rap music at the age of 12. By age of 15 he started recording.

Sandman`s songs are about his childhood period of war and life in California.

On August 2, 2008, after leaving the studio to take a friend home, he was shot through the front windshield of his car with nine bullets, due to south central gang violence. He was shot in his colon, liver, both lungs, left and right diaphragm, shoulders and his neck. He made an incredible recovery after undergoing seven surgeries and staying in a coma for 26 consecutive days.

Despite the entire trauma that Sandman has faced, he still was able to recover from the shooting and use music as his therapy.

His last Twitter post was promoting his latest single and video “Don’t Blame Me”, shot mostly in the Hyde Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Police Department are currently investigating his killing.

Eritrean writer Araia G. Ephrem once describe Sandman Neguse and his love to his country Eritrea as follows:

Ask Sandman Negus what is up with Eritrea? He will blast you with the meaning of the flag and the pain that he never wishes to see in his lifetime. Sandman is a go-hard Eritrean artist that surprises people to envision him born in exile. So he decided to walk head up high. Eritrean, that is!

May his soul Rest in Peace.

Sador “Sandman Negus” Fasehaye and his scars after surviving nine bullet shoots