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Sustainable Aquaculture Development in Eritrea
“Sustainable Aquaculture Development and its Role in Food Security and Economic Growth in Eritrea: Trends and Prospects” by Dr. Habte-Michael Habte-Tsion (© seaphotoart /


Dr. Habte-Michael Habtetzion, Assistant Professor in the Aquaculture Department of Kentucky State University (one of the top 4 in the USA in aquaculture) and the only Eritrean to win the Chinese Outstanding International Student Award, has published an important overview of the situation regarding Aquaculture in Eritrea entitled “Sustainable Aquaculture Development and its Role in Food Security and Economic Growth in Eritrea: Trends and Prospects(published in Open access)

Still completing his first year at KSU, Dr. Habte-Michael has published 44 papers in scientific journals and is a Reviewer for 12 international science journals including such prestigious internationally recognized publications as Nature and Elsevier as well being an Editorial Board Member for EC Nutrition in the U.K.

Dr. Habte-Michael has contributed 4 chapters (towards a total of 26) along with colleagues from the USA, Europe and Asia, to a just completed textbook on Animal Nutrition to be published in Elsevier at Science Direct.

You can see his entire body of work <<HERE>>

Dr. Habte-Michael, who was the senior Eritrean Scientist at the massive Sea Water Farm aquaculture project in Massawa, Eritrea (until its closure – see project photo below) still dreams of one day, when conditions are right, of returning to his motherland to help restart the aquaculture industry.

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Until then, he continues to soar internationally as aquacultures brilliant young Eritrean scientist.


KSU Aquaculture Research Center Welcomes Dr. Habte-Michael Habte-Tsion

Dr. Habte-Michael Habte-TsionDr. Habte-Michael has joined as a Researcher in Fish Nutrition lab. He is originally from Eritrea east Africa and has completed B.Sc. in Marine Biology at University of Asmara, Eritrea.

Prior to Kentucky State University, Dr. Habte-Michael was in China for five years, and has completed his M.Sc. and PhD in Aquaculture Nutrition from Nanjing Agricultural University (NAU), China.

At KSU, Dr. Habte-Michael will be mainly involved to assist Master students with their thesis projects and also will conduct independent research under supervision of Dr. Kumar.

His research will help to develop nutritionally balanced, environmentally sound and cost-effective diet for commercial fish and shellfish culture.

In addition, he will also pursue further research on the interaction of nutrient and gene i.e., “Nutrigenomics” or “Molecular Nutrition”.

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Seawater Farm in Massawa, Eritrea
During 1998 – 2003, a remarkable seawater-based agriculture project took place in an arid coastal zone of Massawa, Eritrea.