Eritrean Envoy Raps Ethiopian PM for “Pathetic” Remarks

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Prime Minister Hailemariam’s claim of a link between military service and migration as “pathetic and ridiculous”.

By TesfaNews,

In an interview with the BBC Focus on Africa host Mr. Akwasi Sarpong, Eritrea’s ambassador to the UN Girma Asmerom dismissed Prime Minister Hailemariam’s claim of a link between military service and migration as “pathetic and ridiculous”.

Ethiopia’s marionette Prime Minister was heard calling his neighbor Eritrea to change its policy on compulsory youth military service before he plead the international community to press for change in Eritrea in order to stem Europe’s migrant crisis.

“The regime is putting all the young people into concentration and military camps in the name of military service – this has to stop,” he said.

Although it comes cheap, the PM was meant to urge the EU disarm Eritrea despite his county’s policies of belligerence.

The PM also adds his hunger stricken country is ready to support fleeing Eritreans by providing education, training, and in some cases jobs.

However, his ridiculously stupid remarks didn’t pass with out getting proper response from Ambassador Girma. He told the BBC’s Akwasi Sarpong that Ethiopia, as the most impoverished and poverty stricken country, should deal with its own internal problems first before it gets in to helping others.

“There are 15 million Ethiopians in need of food assistance and thousands of its people are fleeing the country,” told Ambassador Girma.

Listen below for Ambassador Girma Asmerom’s response: