Eritrean Mekseb Debesay Wins Stage 3 of Tour de Setif with a Style

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Eritrean riders MeksebDebesay and Yonas tekeste winning last stage of Tour International de Setif (2.2) in Algeria
Eritrean riders Mekseb Debesay and Yonas Tekeste winning the last stage of Tour International de Setif (2.2) in Algeria


The Eritrean Mekseb Debesay won the third and final stage of the International Tour of Sétif played Friday between Bir H’dada and then return to Setif a distance of 110 km in 2 hours 28 min 09 sec, while the French Thomas Lebas, was awarded the yellow jersey of the Grand Tour of Algeria cycling (GTAC 2014).

Debesay beat his compatriot Yonas Tekeste and Dutchman Thomas Rabou (Singapore Continental Cycling) who performed the same chrono (2h 28 min 09 sec). 

The French Thomas Lebas (yellow jersey) of the Japanese team Bridgeston, achieved the double whammy by also winning the points jersey for best climber.

The red jersey, awarded to the best sprinter, was won by the Eritrean Mekseb Debesay, winner of the third stage of international tour of Setif.

Russian Shaïmuratov Artur (Team 21), won the white jersey for the best hope.

The general team classification, it is the Japanese who are Bridgeston head.

Saturday (March 22), the riders will rendezvous with the International Criterium de Sétif, the sixth round of the GTAC 2014.

This is a closed circuit 40 turns on an overall distance of 128 km. The departure is scheduled at the headquarters of the Wilaya of Setif.

Mekseb Debesay, after concluding the race told the press that

I congratulate Lebas Thomas for the win It was hotly contested at the end Unfortunately, I was more than 2 minutes in the general classification, otherwise j.. ‘would have been entitled to the victory of the yellow jersey. I wear the red jersey of best sprinter, which is already a good thing.

Overall Ranking

1 – Lebas Thomas (Bridgeston / Japan): 7:53: 47

2 – Belykh Dergey (Team 21/Russie): 59 sec

3 – Shaimuratov Artur (Team 21/Russie) in 2’17 sec

4 – Mekseb Debesay (Eritrea) to 2’41

5 – Damien Monier (Bridgeston / Japan) at 2’49

6 – Salah Eddine Mraouni (Morocco) to 2’59

7 – Pinaglia Thomas (Gragnano / Italy) to 2’59

8 – Shimizu Miyataka (Bridgeston / Japan): 3’45

9 – Elyas Afewerki (Eritrea) to 4’23 ::

10 – Zhuykov Denis (Team 21/Russie) to 4’21

Team Standings

1 – Cycling Bridgeston Anchor (Japan): 11:47 p.m.: 49

2 – Team 21 (Russia): 11:48 p.m.: 52

3 – National Team Eritrea: 11:50 p.m.: 46

4 – National Team Morocco: 11:58 p.m.: 31

5 – Athletic Association of Oil (Algeria): 24:15: 45

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