The Politics of Irrelevance: Elias Kifle, Gebru Asrat, Obama and the Eritrean Treason Mafia

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The Horn of Africa region had been on the receiving end of the erroneous, immoral, unjust, militaristic and adventurous policies of the United States.
The Horn of Africa region had been on the receiving end of the erroneous, immoral, unjust, militaristic and adventurous policies of the United States. Through some mercenary and puppet governments in the region, the U.S. has turned the horn of Africa into a killing field where war crimes, conflicts, droughts, famine , massacres and genocide of biblical proportions to be its defining characteristics.

By Hillal,

For more than two weeks, we have been entertained by the fairy tale stories of Elias Kifle (Editor of Ethiopian Review), the dual mentality and inferiority laden mindset of Gebru Asrat, the cry for help and the desperation and hopelessness of the Eritrean treason riff raffs and Obama’s Kodak moment of shame-the meeting of like minded imbeciles, Obama and his Weyane puppets, at the White House.

Outsmarted, outmaneuvered and outplayed by the Eritrean leadership and people, the Eritrean enemies, detractors and traitors are spending their midnight oils plotting, as their last resort, to stop the Eritrean national development drive in its tracks. The rush for action is the result of their realization that we are on the eve of the leap forward in all our national development endeavors.

Elias Kifle represents the dying breed of the Neftegna cadres. They like to sing “የፍየል ወጠጤ … and ዘራፍ … ዘራፍ … ኣካኪ ዘራፍ ” and want to return the wheel of history backward to the past, dream of an Ethiopian empire dominated by the Amharas, believe that they have a God given right to rule Ethiopia as they see it fit and all the other subjects to be mere second class citizens.

They alienated themselves from the present day Ethiopian political realities and have no understanding of its present day political dynamics, salivate and dream about the Red Sea (Assab Port) instead of focusing on the problems affecting Ethiopia and its people today. These cyber warriors, arm chair politicians and paper tigers are all self-centered ego maniacs and have nothing of value to contribute to the Ethiopian struggle except much trumped up propaganda pieces and tales full of much sound and fury signifying nothing.

Gebru Asrat is architect of the politics of hate and one of the authors of the Tigray Manifesto. He is an ethnic supremacist, war criminal and a human trafficking aficionado. His desire to unleash a Rwandan type genocide in our region was averted by the wisdom and magnanimity of the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples. His speeches during border conflict were reflections of his sick mind and reminiscent of the Rwandan Genocide.

Tigray is the epicenter of destabilization and malaise in Ethiopia. The minority of a minority tribal junta ruling Ethiopia today is focused only and only on the creation of Greater Tigray using the Ethiopian riches and resources. The “እምዬ” Ethiopia cries are cover ups for their hidden agendas. Gebru exemplifies best the tribal junta apparatchik’s dual mentality, inferiority laden mindset and habit of talking with forked tongue and out of both sides of their mouth.

No one is fooled by their political machinations and shenanigans. They are the same tribal junta disciples who are hell bent on silencing the political voice of the Ethiopian nation by brute force and are on a mission to destroy it using their medieval concepts of ethnic apartheid and Article 39. Ethiopians have become aliens in their own homeland and everything and anything Ethiopian is on the chopping block.

Treason is a disease that affects the mind, body and soul and leads to a long, debilitating and agonizing death. Sadly, we have our own Eritrean rotten apples and Benedict Arnolds. The Eritrean experience is littered with these stinking political corpses who have none of Eritrea’s best interest at heart. These lost souls, sell outs, traitors, wet-pants, crusaders, jihadists, regionalists, sectarian and garden variety criminals have a made a pact with the devil by aligning themselves with all Eritrean enemies and detractors to extinguish the Eritrean dream.

These hired mercenaries are the lowest of the low of the Eritrean experience. They are committing inexcusable crimes against the proud nation of Eritrea and its dignified people. The Dedebit and the Eritrean treason mafias are the two sides of the same coin. Their metastasizing political cancers should be surgically removed from the Eritrean and Ethiopian body politic for the good of the two nations.

The axis of evil – the Eritrean treason riff raffs and their Weyane sponsors- crimes against the Eritrean people have no comparisons in the annals of world history. 85,000 Eritreans and Ethiopians of Eritrean origin were deported a la Nazi style from Ethiopia. They were forced to cross through mine infested front lines during the border conflict.

3000 years old Eritrean Obelisks were destroyed a la the Taliban. Churches, mosques, religious manuscripts and all standing structures and agricultural fields and crops were destroyed, burned and rendered useless. 10,000 Tigrayans -men, women, children, priests, nuns and monks with their donkeys and mules came to loot Eritrean belongings.

Above all, the most painful were the destruction of our Martyrs cemeteries and throwing their sacred bones in an open field, splashing on the social media the pictures of all our martyrs for cheap political gains and the rape of our mothers. These heinous crimes will be always written on our hearts and minds as a reminder that we have the duty and obligation to redouble our efforts in hunting these war criminals and genociders and bringing them to face the sweet sound of the Eritrean people’s justice system. This isn’t a threat but a promise!

Obama has the dubious distinction of being the man who converted the Nobel Peace Prize into the Nobel War Prize and the audacity of hope into the audacity of hopelessness, fear, uncertainty and doubt and the MLK’s dream into a nightmare. For far too long, we had been disappointed by the affirmative action and third rate black diplomats at the State Department.

The Horn of Africa region had been on the receiving end of the erroneous, immoral, unjust, militaristic and adventurous policies of the US. Hence, the region has become home to failed and failing states, a Killing Fields where war, conflict, drought, famine , massacres and genocide of biblical proportions are its defining characteristics. The governments in the region are led by stooges and puppets of the US. Obama is the Crusader in Chief despite his African heritage.

It’s becoming crystal clear by the day that the correct and progressive Eritrean policies and the beliefs, values and principles that made the protracted and bitter armed struggle a success and are now used to build the Eritrea of our dreams and worthy of our martyrs sacrifices are considered as a threat to the US hegemonic drive and the one trillion worth NGO industry. These puts Eritrea always in the eye of the storm and a threat of good example.

If we rely on history as our guide though, the Eritrean camel is always on the march despite the never ending barking of the mad dogs – the Eritrean enemies, detractors and traitors. We have fought against all odds and overcame insurmountable challenges to reach the Eritrean Promised Land. Thus, these irrelevant political machinations and shenanigans and chicaneries are NOT going to make the Eritrean people kneel down.

The birth of a strong, united, democratic, dynamic, assertive, self-reliant Eritrea is a fait accompli. For friend and foe alike, Eritrea is rising from the ashes like the Phoenix and is a force to be reckoned with. Her history, values, principles and beliefs makes her the beacon of hope for all those that are struggling for liberty, freedom, equality, justice, fairness and human dignity.