Successful London Public Seminar by Eritrean Ambassador to the UK

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By Shabait,

Eritrea’s Ambassador to the UK and North Ireland, Ambassador Estifanos Habtemariam, conducted a seminar to Eritreans residing in London on 31 January.

In his address to the participants, Ambassador Estifanos indicated that Eritrea’s development progress is currently at a promising stage thanks to the strong unity and perseverance of Eritreans everywhere.

The Ambassador further updated the participants on the current state of affairs within Eritrea, particularly on Government plans and achievements in several sectors, especially within the sectors of agriculture, health, education, physical infrastructure, and the development of human capital.

Ambassador Estifanos also briefed participants on the formation of the national committees in the different cities of the UK, which is in the stage of finalization and will have input on the public seminars on popular resistance currently in progress throughout the UK.

Moreover, Mr. Suleiman Hassen, Head of Consular Affairs at the Eritrean Embassy in London, provided an in-depth report and update on the latest Embassy services, including on national identity cards and detailed information regarding consular services, the success of which will be measured by everyone’s involvement, Mr Suleiman added.

Participants of the seminar expressed resolve to foil enemy conspiracies and bolster their contribution to the all-round national development programs.