Eritrean-Sudanese Relations Entering New Phase Both in Depth and Vitality

President Al-Bashir on a 3-days visit o Eritrea
President Al-Bashir on a 3-days visit o Eritrea

By Shabait,

President Isaias Afwerki and Omar Hassan Al-Beshir asserted that Eritrean-Sudanese relations has entered a new phase both in depth and vitality.

The two leaders made the statement at a meeting they held today in the port city of Massawa focusing on bilateral ties and regional developments. They further pointed out that the latest visit demonstrates the fact that the trust between the two countries has attained a higher stage, thus attesting that the bilateral relations is growing to exemplary level, besides proving the similarity of both states’ understanding and assessment as regards regional issues.

Noting that President Omar Al-Beshir’s latest visit to Eritrea is part of the previous visits and consultations on the part of both sides, the two leaders also expressed conviction that it would ensure better understanding and depth towards furthering bilateral cooperation in all spheres.

In connection with the prevailing sad scenario in the Republic of South Sudan, Presidents Isaias and Omar Hassan Al-Beshir stated that the issue not only negatively affects South Sudan but also Eritrea and the Republic of Sudan, as well as the countries of the region in general. They further reached understanding regarding the need to have common consensus towards achieving peaceful solution to the crisis on the basis of coordination and collaboration on the part of all concerned parties.

In the course of the visit, President Omar Al-Beshir visited the Filfil-Solomuna highway constructed through internal capacity, in addition to the Dahlak and Nakhura Islands.

The Sudanese leader left today concluding his 3-day working visit to Eritrea and was seen off at Massawa International Airport by President Isaias.

Al Bashir Concludes Visit to Eritrea

Fruitful, Brotherly and Constructive discussions
Fruitful, Brotherly and Constructive discussions

By Hana Abdul Hai,

President of the Republic, Field marshal Omer Al Bashir returned from a 2-day official visit to Eritrea yesterday where he discussed with his Eritrean Counterpart several bilateral issues.

Foreign Minister and member of the delegation, Ali Karti said that President Al Bashir discussed with President Isaias Afwerki the economic cooperation besides education and health agreements.

He added that the Eritrean party affirmed commitment to accomplish the highway linking Sudan with Eritrea, while the Sudanese party affirmed commitment to complete the [electric] transmission line linking the two countries.