Eritreans Extend Monetary Assistance to Kenyan Drought Victims

Eritreans in Kenya joined a local fund raising drive to help Kenyan victims

By TesfaNews,

At a time when 3.5 million Kenyans face starvation and death from the worst drought their country has ever seen in the last six decades, Eritrean nationals residing in Kenya has join hands in raising money to support a local initiative that aimed to feed up to 400,000 Kenyan victims.

The campaign known as ‘Kenyans for Kenya’ was launched in coordination with Safaricom Foundation, KCB Foundation, Kenya Red Cross Society and member of the Media Owners Association with the aim of raising Kshs 1 billion in one month. Until last Saturday, total donations has surpassed Kshs650 million.

The head of the 2,500 strong ‘Eritreans for Kenya’ campaign, Mr. Ghirmay Haile, assertained that the community has been present in the country for close to four decades and would not hesitate to give assistance.

Eritreans will never forget the support accorded to them by the Kenyan people during their 30 years war of independence and displacement,” Haile said.

He is hopeful that the Eritrean Community Campaign [Eritreans 4 Kenya] will set an example and trend for other friends and neighbors of Kenya to engage in similar exercises of extending assistance to brotherly people of Kenyan at this moment of their greatest need.

So far, a total of 450 metric tonnes of food has been dispatched to feed people in the most affected areas of Turkana, Wajir, Mandera, Garissa, Marsabit, Moyale and Isiolo through this initiative.

Kenyans are calling their government to initiate agricultural policies that would help the country to achieve sustainable and long term solutions in the fight to food insecurity.

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