Opinion: Eritrean’s Say No Evil

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Eritrea Gerset dam
“Sometimes people hold a core belief that is very strong. When they are presented with evidence that works against that belief, the new evidence cannot be accepted. It would create a feeling that is extremely uncomfortable, called cognitive dissonance. And because it is so important to protect the core belief, they will rationalize, ignore and even deny anything that doesn’t fit in with the core belief.” – Frantz Fanon

By Berhane Woldu,

There are few ‘Eritreans’ who have betrayed their dedication and love of country for selfish interests. “Eritrean Quislings League” and “Defeatist” betraying their martyred brothers and sisters have become treacherous, faithless and disloyal.

Defeatists have no moral value, no political agenda and no mission than to destabilize a nation of seven million people for political power and greed. The defeatists supported by their handlers have tried every trick in the book to destabilize Eritrea forgetting the history of the struggle.

Eritrean People’s Liberation Front has overcome sabotages many had betrayed the revolution giving hand to the enemy they were defeated. Like yesteryears the “Eritrean Quislings League” and “Defeatist” has now transpire as irrelevant and immaterial nothing more than nuisance.

The recent congressional testimonies given by the defeatist is a case in point where evil precedes goodness. Two witnesses never setting their feet in Eritrea claimed that there is no religious and political freedom in the country. To the contrary; in Eritrea there are churches, mosques and a synagogue, everyone has the right to worship a God of their choices.

As is the case in every part of the world religious institutions have to be governed by law. Eritrean law does not allow “retail religion” that is practiced by “fast tongue sells people”. In Eritrea Religion is faith not a business where the Pastor’s acquire a villa and drive fancy cars preaching the word of God taking money from the poor.

Pluralism and religion is Eritrea’s social climax. Eritrea is the creation of nine ethno-linguistic communities, which predominantly follow the two mainstream religions; Christianity and Islam flourishing in peace and harmony.

As I travel around the world, I meet people who are opinionated with their own taught about Eritrea’s economic and political status with little knowledge of the soc-economic dynamics of Eritrea. People state that there is no electricity, no water, no education, and no health services, no work, … no of everything without setting a foot. Dumbfound, I answer “like Saints and Holy (Bezeuane) we live without water”.

Relatives that came to visit Eritrea came loaded with electrical utensils that were beyond imagination some came with a forehead lamp looking like a coal miners than tourists. Why? Because some looser has misinformed them only to later find the truth.

This is not to say that Eritrea is problem free but what is said is based on cock-and-bull story. Eritrean Diaspora asks questions of modern times forgetting that we are still at development stage. Fooled by Televisions and cars that we don’t produce, behave like we are modern. We are being fooled by western living standards. Eritrea is not modern. Eritrea is working hard promoting macroeconomic stability, education, health care, transportation, water supply, energy and environment to beget to fruition a modernized nation.

In the last twenty five years, Eritrea has progressed socially, economically and politically. One can read reports written by different UN offices UNDP, UNCF, WHO and Diplomats.

Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education has officially accredited all Eritrean Higher Education colleges and institutions. Finland has become partner with Eritrea to enhance education and upgrade the colleges. School enrollment has increased 218%. Over 25,000 first graders have registered for 2016. The number of college students has increased by 1067% since independence. Literacy rate for age 15 – 40 is 94% comparable to Western nations age 40 and above is 64%. Rural transport has increased by 1,769% making it possible for people to move around much faster and bring their farm products to city markets. Around 87% of the population has safe drinking water. Dams that hold 300 million cubic meters of water have been built; every village has water catchments of different size. Desserts are turning into tropical forest. Health services are within 5 Km radius, 98 % of children are vaccinated; infant mortality is the lowest in Africa. Life expectancy has increased. Electrification has moved up from 30.1 mega watts to 141.7 mega watts that’s 371% increase.

According to International Energy Agency, 230 million Africans have no access to electricity. Tanzania 38.5 million (85%); Kenya 33.5 million (72%), Ethiopia 67.1 million (67%) of the population have no access to electricity. Eritrea’s population access to electricity is incredibly high most of the rural areas have their own solar energy promoting clean power. In Gash Barka region light is available 24 hours a day. In Asmara some part of the city on occasion will not have light for few hours, but there are no days without electricity.

The most recent criticism centered on the introduction of new Nakfa currency notes expressing dogmatic opinion. With no knowledge of fiscal policy, some stated that people should transact with their money as they wished. The Eritrean Government has never made limitation on how much one can spend. What the Government said was all transfers and payments of more than 3,000 Nkf must be done through the banking system (cheques).

If one wants to have a wedding for a million Nakfa he or she can but, limousine services, musicians, photographers have to pay taxes. Cash transaction was used to avoid paying taxes. The days of tax avoidance, illegal trade and illegal transaction has ended. Since the introduction of the new Nakfa notes, the money supply has stabilized and Nakfa has become the 9th strongest African currency followed by South African Rand in 10th place. One Eritrean Nakfa equals 1.01 South African Rand, for instance.

People can voice their opinion or criticize but gossip mongering and hearsay are a thing of the past to no value. It only validates the thoughtlessness, foolishness and insanity of the person.

Government and people of Eritrea are dedicated to the nation pursuing their love of country. Eritreans are working hard in order to create a better version of life – values, culture and way of life – that will transfer for generations to come. This is what a genuine authentic Eritrean has ingrained in his/her soul dedication and love of Country.