Eritrea’s Independence Day is a day of Celebration – Not Mourning

News Opinions Sophia Tesfamariam
Independence Day celebration
CHEAP and DISGRACEFUL. In yet another show of blatant disrespect for Eritrea and its people, the so called “Opposition” now want to pretend to grieve on the one day that all Eritreans come together to celebrate the birth of their beloved nation – on Independence Day. We say stop playing politics with the deaths of our brothers and sisters!

By Sophia Tesfamariam,

ERITREA’S independence was not handed to the people on a silver platter; the people paid a high price to achieve it. Eritrea’s 24th Independence Anniversary is a celebration of our identity, our cultures and traditions, our diversity in unity and most of all, to pay tribute to all those who sacrificed their lives and limb to liberate Eritrea, defend her sovereignty and are working tirelessly and selflessly to ensure her development.

Eritreans across the globe will be celebrating Eritrea’s 24th Independence Anniversary and many events have been organized to commemorate the day. 

In cities across the United State and Europe, in various African cities and in the Middle East, the Eritrean Diaspora will be celebrating this Anniversary with as much fervor and excitement at the people of Eritrea are doing across their beloved nation. But in every society, there are spoilers and Eritrean society has not been spared. So it comes as no surprise when the Eritrean Quislings League (EQL) insist on carrying out yet another futile campaign to disrupt these global events, as each Anniversary is a testament to the Eritrean people’s resilience and resoluteness, and their utter failure.

As if on cue, following the minority regime in Ethiopia’s announcement to hold its sham elections on Eritrea’s Independence Anniversary, 24 May 2015, the EQL, who have resorted to blackmail, harassment and intimidation of the Eritrean people for the last 15 years now want to prevent them from celebrating their hard won Independence. When all their past attempts to stop the Eritrean Diaspora from participating in all national holiday events failed, today, exposing their callousness and even stupidity, are shamefully playing politics with the deaths of Eritrean migrants in the Mediterranean, an emotional ploy, in an effort to advance their old and tired agendas.

The EQL, whose members are directly involved with the trafficking of Eritrea’s youth, and who are responsible for the deaths of these innocent Eritrean youth who they have been lured with offers of a better life, asylum etc… have used their deaths and sufferings as commodity for their warped political agendas.

Shedding crocodile tears after causing the deaths of these vulnerable youth, alienating them from their families and nation, today, in yet another show of blatant disrespect for Eritrea and its people, the contemptuous EQL now want to pretend to grieve on the one day that all Eritreans come together to celebrate the birth of their beloved nation – on Independence Day. What does Eritrea’s Independence Day Anniversary have to do with the unfortunate deaths of the Eritrean migrants?

The United States of America was attacked on 11 September 2001 and resulted in the deaths of 2,996 people, but that did not stop the Americans from celebrating on July 4th, their Independence Day.

On July 4th 2002, President George Bush was in Ripley, West Virginia, and in his Independence Day speech said:

“…The anniversary of America’s independence is a day for gratitude, and a day for celebration,” Bush said. “On the Fourth of July we count our blessings. And there are so many to count: We’re thankful for the families we love, we’re thankful for the opportunities in America, we’re thankful for our freedom, the freedom declared by our founding fathers, defended by many generations, and granted to each one of us by almighty God…”

All across the country, Americans stepped out to celebrate their nation’s independence with parades, fireworks, hot dogs, speeches, family gatherings in the wake of the horrifying terror attacks of September 11.

So where they being indifferent to the deaths of close to 3000 of their compatriots by celebrating their independence day? Of course not. But somehow, Eritreans are told not to celebrate their hard won independence?

Neither the minority regime in Ethiopia nor its surrogates in the EQL can prevent Eritreans from celebrating the 24th Independence Anniversary and will do so with dignity and pride.

Happy Independence Anniversary to the people of Eritrea

Zelalemawi Zkri N’semaetatna
Awet N’hafash!