Press Release: Eritrea’s Stance on Yemen Crisis

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Eritrea made its stance on the Yemeni crisis very clear first by denouncing the repeated and groundless allegations of an Iranian support to Houthi through Eritrea.

By Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

THE Eritrean Foreign Ministry today (31) issued a statement that dismissed as baseless a fabricated report, quoting certain Yemeni officials, alleging Iranian support to Houthi through Eritrea.

In the 11-point press statement, the Ministry underscored that the Government of Eritrea has been monitoring such repeated and groundless allegations claiming at one time that ‘there exist Israeli bases in Eritrea’ and at another ‘Iranian bases’.

Noting these unethical and unprofessional acts on the part of certain media outlets, the Ministry’s press statement denounced the practice. It further elaborated Eritrea’s stance regarding developments in Yemen. 

Below is the original and official statement of the Ministry [HERE if link broken]

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