Ethnically Fragmented Ethiopia Teeters on the Brink: Dawit Woldegiorgis

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Dawit Woldegiorgis
Dawit Woldegiorgis reminisces his troubles and challenges while working as an official of the Derg regime, his knowledge of Eritrea, his relationship and encounter with EPLF and President Isaias Afeworki in the 1980s.

By ESAT News,

Dawit Wolde Giorgis, who currently heads African Security and Strategic Studies as Executive Director discusses the current famine in Ethiopia comparing it to the terrible famine of 1984 when he was the commissioner of Relief and Rehabilitation.

He shades light on the multi-faceted security and stability challenges facing Ethiopia under the minority TPLF regime, how the current economic growth does not add up as Ethiopia is still one of the poorest countries. He pointed out the fact that the country is still at the bottom of the ladder among countries of the world when measured by all indicators.

The monopoly of the army, political power and economic resources by a minority group could spell a disaster and could be major factor for future instability and even worse scenarios could possibly emerge in Ethiopia as a result. He also discusses the threat of terrorism, climate change, and other security threats to Ethiopia, the Horn of Africa, and Africa in general.

Dawit Woldegiorgis was a second course graduate of the elite Harar Military Academy. He was on tour of duty for seven years in Eritrea and was Special Forces trainer and served as operations officer of the 2nd division of the army in Eritrea during the Emperor’s time. He then went on to attend and graduated from Addis Ababa University Law School, and Columbia University in the USA before returning to Ethiopia during the revolution where he held high level government positions as Deputy Foreign Minister, Special Representative and Administrator in Eritrea, and Commissioner of Disaster and Relief and other government positions during the WPE/Derg regime. During the 1990s to the present , he worked as consultant for several African governments thru UN sponsored projects.

Dawit Woldegiorgis reminisces about his troubles and challenges while working as an official of the Derg regime, the failed coup d’etat of 1989 and his relationship with the ring leaders such as Gen. Fanta Belay and other generals, his knowledge of Eritrea and Eritreans, his relationship Fand encounter with EPLF and Mr. Isaias Afeworki, the current President of Eritrea in the 1980s.

The below is his latest interview with Sisay Agena of the Ethiopia Satellite Television ESAT.