Ethiopia’s Proposed Millennium Dam Designed by America in 1964

Ethiopia's Renaissance dam is a 1964 plan,

DR. MAGHAWRY SHEHATA DIAB, Prof. of Hydrogeology and water resources and former president of Menoufiya University, Egypt, disclosed that the water storage capacity of the proposed “Renaissance” or “Millennium” dam in Ethiopia is not 63 billion cubic meters as previously declared by its prime minister instead not more than 15 billion cubic meters as it was originally stated in the report of the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation map of 1964.

Prof. Maghawry went on to say that from the scenario we are wittnessing right now, Ethiopia is only trying to implement one of those old maps at which the U.S. has developed in 1963 with a grand plan to build about 33 dams in the Ethiopian plateau for a simple reason of controling the waters of the tributaries to the Nile.

During those years, Ethiopia and America has established close relations and it was one of the response of the U.S. to create pressure on Egypt.   It is so clear that the current government is only implementing those old designs by doing some minor modification, for the same purposes.

Ethiopia has announced several months ago of its intention to build the grand Millennium dam to generate hydroelectric power in an area called “Juba,” the state of the Ethiopian Benishangul, which is located about 20 kilometers from the borders of Sudan and at a distance of 207 kilometers from the capital city, the capital of Assosa.

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