Ethiopia Betrayed African Trust on Climate Summit on the Urge of US: Wikileaks

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African diplomats, most of whom had brashly stood by Zenawi when he violently crushed a pro-democracy movement in 2005, naively expressed shock and incredulity at his betrayal of their trust at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Summit. He shamelessly betrayed and sold out the lives and hopes of Africans for a pittance. 

It was a moment that Ethiopia shamelesly betrayed and sold out the lives and hopes of Africans for a pittance
The continent’s collective stand was betrayed by a less trust worthy puppet government of Ethiopia

By The Guardian,

On 2 February 2009, a cable from Addis Ababa reports a meeting between the US undersecretary of state Maria Otero and the late Ethiopian prime minister, Meles Zenawi, who led the African Union’s climate change negotiations.

The confidential cable records a blunt US threat to Zenawi: sign the accord or discussion ends now.

Zenawi responds that Ethiopia will support the accord, but has a concern of his own: that a personal assurance from Barack Obama on delivering the promised aid finance is not being honoured. 

The failed Copenhagen climate change summit produced only a non-binding Accord, but the agreement suits US interests as it presents more chance of forcing China to act.

US diplomats campaign hard around the world for support for the Accord. Here, the US bluntly urges Ethiopia, whose Prime Minister leads the African Union’s climate negotiations. By November 2010, 140 nations have backed the Accord, at the upper end of the US target.

The full text of the diplomatic cable released by Wikileaks can be read by clicking HERE.