Ethiopia: First Donkey Abattoir Shuts Down

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Bishoftu Donkey Abattoir in Ethiopia closed
The Chinese owned Shandong Dong Donkey slaughterhouse in Ethiopia has been order to shut it down three weeks after inauguration.


Just three weeks after becoming operational, the Bishoftu City Administration has shut down the first donkey abattoir, Shandong Dong. Located 48Km away from Addis Ababa, the slaughterhouse has a capacity of slaughtering up to 200 donkeys a day.

The company is considering to take the case to international court, according to some sources who are close to the case.

Before the abattoir was shut down, the plan of Shangdong was to ship the meat to Vietnam and to export the hide to China, where the hide is an essential ingredient to make medicine.

The company has slaughtered more than 300 donkeys so far, according to a source.

The commissioner of Ethiopian Investment Commission made it clear that such investments were not welcome.

“Except those which registered before 2014, we don’t accept such investments anymore as they are against values and culture of the society,” he told Fortune three weeks ago.