Ethiopia undermines Eritrean Ambassador role ahead of his appointment

Amb. Girma Asmerom

Editor’s Note:- Ethiopia has been working for some time to destabilize Eritrea just like what they did to Somalia. However, due to the unity and steadfastness of the Eritrean people, none of the plans has worked so far. In continuation of this grand plan and an attempt to discredit the government of Eritrea, Ethiopia has intensified a media campaign against the Ambassador of Eritrea to the Africa Union.


Below is what the ruling TPLF junta has posted on its propaganda website on the 18th of January 2011. Happy Reading ——> 

“What values does Girma’s appointment add to the peace and stability in the Horn?”

Girma Asmerom is appointed as Eritrean Ambassador in the African Union despite the aggravating roles that he had played during the Ethio-Eritrean conflict.

While he was the Ambassador of Eritrea to Ethiopia, Girma Asmerom had played unlimited roles in widening the cracks of hostility and escalating the conflicts between the two countries.

He had also a negative role contributing to peace challenges and insecurity in the Horn of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular, paving ways to the bloody conflict between the two countries.

Girma Asmerom had exerted tremendous efforts in instigating the Eritrean citizens residing in Ethiopia to participate in various illegal activities that he thought could damage the security and stability of the country as well as the disunity of the people of Ethiopia.

The underserved effort he made to dissociate the people of Eritrea from the people of Ethiopia was also another negative role he had played that left an incurable ulcer in the minds of millions of Ethiopians.

He considered himself as if he knew Ethiopia and Ethiopians but that is in a very chauvinist way. Girma Asmerom has a poisoned mind, which has narrow space to accommodate peace and positive relations.

These are not the only things that Girma has done in his time as Eritrean Ambassador in Ethiopia. He had also made unlimited efforts to instigate Ethiopian opposition political parties to run their agendas illegally. Besides, he was attempting to influence some Embassies in Ethiopia to cooperate with Eritrea’s negative roles towards peace in the region. During his stay in Ethiopia as an ambassador, he was spying the development activities in Ethiopia and planning to jeopardize them.

Girma had also exerted undeserved effort to challenge the unity of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia. When Eritrean citizens who were residing in Ethiopia were legally seen off to their country, he warned them not to represent any member of some of the nations and nationalities in the country. He boldly propagated to represent only from one ethnic group for their property in Ethiopia. The aim was to create suspicion among the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia.

Even after his departure from Ethiopia, Girma undeservedly worked against the interest of the people of Ethiopia. Now, he is appointed as an Eritrean Ambassador to African Union. What changes do we expect from his representation in the African Union?

It’s crystal clear that he won’t contribute anything different from what he had been doing in the previous time. He along his colleagues in Asmara has for long been looking down the efforts exerted by Ethiopia, African Union and the regional organizations IGAD to bring an enduring peace in the volatile region. Neither will help to the normalization the relations of the people of Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is, therefore, crystal clear that his appointment adds no value to the peace and stability of the region rather could play an aggravating role.

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