Ethiopia Looking Further the Planet Earth for Solution

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Ethiopia exploring outer space
PRIORITY STUPID. At a time when 4.5 million of its people face the threat of malnutrition and starvation, Ethiopia invests on exploring the outer space. The government probably believes there are other sources of food out there. or what?

By Teshome Debalke,

I don’t know what to make of the Ethiopian government (Woyane). The joker regime is surreal. I am beginning to question myself whether I am imagining or I am hearing what I am hearing correctly. The new Grand Millennium jock coming out of Woyane is not even on planet earth.

According to AFP report titled “Eyeing the stars: Ethiopia’s space programme” written by Karim Lebhour posted in several Media outlets. It appears it is another grand project in the pipeline for the new 5 years Growth and Transformation hoax that includes space exploration and rocket launching. But, this project, unlike the Grand Millennium Dam, is technologically advanced that requires astronomers.

It is very interesting media hoax in “line with the vision of the late Great Leader“; I am beginning to agree with the apologists on the conman intellect; not in the way you think but, in his ability to make them live in a bubble way after he departed the planet earth to the outer space leaving them with an empty bag.

To give you an idea, the Ethiopian Space Science Society (ESSS) communication Director Abinet Ezra was quoted saying; “Science is part of any development cycle; without science and technology nothing can be achieved.

Wow, this is very deep stuff and who would disagree with the truthfulness of the statement except it has hole the size of a black hole. The communication Director can communicate better if he tells us the amusement park he is operating would be a good tourist attraction than space exploration. But, what do I know right? Don’t get me wrong. It is a fabulous idea to learn about the outer space. I think at this stage of development Nova (the Science show in Public Broadcasting Service-PBS) should be enough to wonder what is out in the outer space.

There are many things we have to explore on the planet earth before we go exploring space. For instance, access to the internet for all Ethiopians would do many good things on earth to help our people help themselves and eventually to explore many things including the space. Of course, it wouldn’t help Woyane to hold on illegitimate power for long.

The timing of the report was also as strange as the report itself. When the world is wondering about the regime’s crime of corruption, right violations, vote robbery and mismanagement of the economy – with famine looming; we are told Woyane is done with what needs to be done on planet earth and going in the outer space to find solution to our problems?

The Daily Mail rather sarcastically reported– “Poverty-stricken Ethiopia launches $3million SPACE programme… despite taking £300million in aid from the UK“…

“It is hoped the scheme, which includes two large telescopes perched on top of Mount Entoto, will increase the country’s development. Ethiopian astronomers have been criticised for developing a programme when the country remains poor and malnourished. But the government believes it will boost farming and communications”

Is this also ‘Neoliberal conspiracy’ to keep our country poor too? The last time people protest the grand dam is as dumb idea; that is what they said. But, it is true you don’t beg for food and spent the money to explore the outer space to nowhere. But, if the government ‘believes’ it will “boost farming and communications” that should be good enough to shuts the Neoliberal crybabies’ mouth? After all, Woyanes also believe Ethiopians love its performance to vote for it by 100%. The question is what got ‘believes’ has to do with a hoax like this?

But, again ‘ESSS is funded by Ethiopian-Saudi business tycoon Mohammed Alamoudi to promote astronomy’, according to the report. You kind of wonder how the Saudi tycoon expresses his love for his birth country and people. Does he also ‘believe’ exploring gold underground also help the country’s development too?

The last time he claimed to donate one billion ‘birr’ for the Grand Dam building; he is smart enough to know the Dam can’t be built with birr. Why was he pulling our legs? Likewise, ‘donating’ 3 million ‘dollar’ for telescope to watch the stars shine is the last thing one does to help ‘his’ poor country. But again, if his beloved ‘government believes’ it would help ‘boost farming and communication’ does it mean he believes space exploration mean more food for the poor?

The last time the regime said land gives away was good for the poor; the tycoon grabbed lots of it and grew rice and vegetable to send it to Middle East. Could gold mining also be good for the poor too?

I can’t tell what is good and bad means anymore. I think what they meant was; what is good for Woyane and the tycoon is good for Ethiopians—trickledown economics. But, I am sure, 100% sure; running with stashes of Euro dollars and gold in a luggage to UK would qualify as good thing for the poor and the country. But, again, do not judge, it might be because the banks were closed and the urgency of the situation that required to purchase food to feed the famine victims can’t wait the banks to open the next day. You can’t underestimate the double digit Growth Transformation regime can’t waste time.

Seriously, how come there is no report on the Woyane official caught red-handed with stashes of money and gold in London Airport [last week]? The last time we heard; the poor, I mean the rich Woyane dude identified only as Hagos insisted he is carrying the money for official government business and identified himself as an official of the Ethiopia government. TPLF conmen are extraordinary mafias with multiple identities.

According our source, the UK immigration officials were heard asking the TPLF conman if there are no banks in the country to officially wire the money. Apparently, they didn’t ask him what about all the gold. I wouldn’t be surprised if he claims it is a gift for Ethiopians to celebrate the Diaspora Day.

The source told us; Embassy officials came to bail him out but, the money and the gold are still under custody of UK immigration office.

Coming back to the space exploration hoax, it reported “for the past decade, a handful of enthusiasts — including Solomon Belay, director of the observatory and a professor of astrophysics — battled with the authorities to convince them that in a country that is still one of the poorest in the world, where malnutrition is still a threat, the exploration of space is not a luxury.” But, he came short of saying the space exploration is intended to find food sources in another planet to feed the malnourished population.

The report quoted him saying “being poor is not a boundary to start this programme,” Solomon said, adding that by boosting support for science, it would help develop the country.

Engineering and sciences are important to transform our (traditional) agriculture into industry” he added.”
Again he didn’t say what space exploration has to do with the agriculture industry. Since I am not a professor in astrophysics not even a high school graduate I couldn’t follow the logic of space exploration, agriculture industry and feeding malnourished people. Astrophysics is a branch of space science that applies the laws of physics and chemistry to explain the birth, life and death of stars, planets, galaxies, nebulae and other objects in the universe, according

Could the professor meant; the famine raging in the country can be solved by space exploration to find other sources of food in unknown planet? The vision of the late Great Leader must be as deep as space to motivate the professor to look further than the planet earth for solution.

But there is more. The report also talked about Rocket launching within five years– claiming;

‘With the authorities now won over that Ethiopia should invest in space science, the government hopes to launch a national space agency — and to put an Ethiopian satellite in orbit within five years, for the monitoring of farmland and to boost communications.’

You can see the application of monitoring farmland by satellite but, claiming to boost communication for a regime that wouldn’t allow us to read our email or use Skype is rather cheap propaganda.

“We are using space applications in everyday activities, for mobile phones, weather — space applications are fundamental,” said Kelali Adhana, the International Astronomical Union chief for East Africa based in Ethiopia. “We cannot postpone it, otherwise we allow ourselves to live in poverty.”

I thought the International Astronomical Union chief for East Africa Kelali Adhana knows what he is talking. But, apparently Dr. Kelali Adhana Tekle is also Director General at Tigray Science and Technology Agency. His CV posted on worldwide web confirms it but, doesn’t mention he is the Chief of the Astronomical Union for East Africa as the report doesn’t say he is TPLF agent nor his education does anything to do with Astronomy. PhD in Managerial Economics with Dissertation: ‘Policy Linkages between Agricultural Trade and Food Security in Eastern Africa‘ from The United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences of Tottori University, Tottori, Japan. In fact, his entire work experience was in Tigray National Regional State Water Resources Bureau or Tigray Science and Technology Agency.

I kid you not; I didn’t even know Science and Technology was segregated by ethnic region too but not surprised with what TPLF does. I wondered if there are Science and Technology Agency in the rest of Nation and Nationality Region of Federal Revolutionary Democratic Ethiopia too.

But, what surprised me most was Dr. Kelali Adhana Tekle admiration of the late Melse Zenawi posted on the infamous TPLF’s mouthpiece Aiga Forum; he wrote;

“We Ethiopians are deeply saddened by sudden death of the brave, intellectual, foresighted, outstanding leader and agent of economic change, father of all, representative of the disadvantaged poor in Africa and elsewhere, powerhouse of intellectual knowledge, one of the movers and shakers of African affairs, a symbol of peace, down to earth in all development spheres, the Son of Africa Honorable Prime Minister Meles Zenawi”.

You got to read the whole thing and judge for yourself. What I can only say is God save Ethiopia from out of control PhDs like him. In my opinion, the sorry Director General and Chief of International Astronomical Union of East Africa can’t rationalize the difference between propaganda and the real thing. Therefore, he is talking on both side of his mouth – mixing politics and science and technology to fulfill his wishes. If he was a real professional he wouldn’t be jiving with multiple identities. Basically, he is what is referred as ‘intellectual prostitute’ that is infesting the Woyane regime.

Now, before the TPLF apologist scream kill, jail, torcher me… like they did to too many of our people let me bring them on board to civilization. It reminded me the article I wrote “a while back “Civilized people uncivilized regime; how did it happen”. If you claim you are a PhD you don’t worship a con artist like the late Melse Zenawi the way the Director General did. No wonder the young and the uneducated are confused what to believe.

That was the gist of this write up– too many intellectual prostitutes are running loss in our Ethiopia and no one seems to do anything about them. Hey, don’t blame only Woyane intellectuals, it is a national crisis. I kid you not; I heard several opposition intellectuals blaming Ethiopia and Ethiopians for crime of Woyane/TPLF. I have no idea how they came up with such a bizarre correlation between the two unless they are also talking on both sides of their mouths like TPLF intellectuals. One thing we can’t accuse of TPLF, particularly Melse is Ethiopiawinet.

I don’t need more proof than what the Director General of Tigray Science and Technology Agency said above to show intellectual prostitution is a major industry under Woyane rule. Think about it. A man (Melse Zenawi) that spent most of his adult life to separate our people like Fascist Italy attempted and failed, the man that is an instrument of corruption, genocide, tribalism, division…to mention a few is portrayed not only as “brave, intellectual, foresighted, outstanding leader and agent of economic change”, but, “father of all, representative of the disadvantaged poor in Africa and elsewhere, powerhouse of intellectual knowledge”.

That brings me to the Media report itself. Those that posted the report without verifying who-is behind the space exploration hoax are not kosher themselves. They must be either lazy or simply pushing Woyane’s propaganda. There is no other explanation to it.

The same space exploration was reported two years ago by Hadra Ahmed posted on EthioMedia titled “India can partner Ethiopia in space technology“. Hadra Ahmed LinkedIn profile identify her as Resident Correspondent (East Africa) for Indo Asian News Service (IANS), India, New Delhi since March 2013 – Present (2 years 6 months) Addis Ababa University Bachelor’s Degree Foreign Languages and Literature 2007 – 2010. No other information can be found on the correspondence. In that report, she mentioned only the outgoing Indian Ambassador statement about collaboration in space program nothing else. Therefore, I wrote; Are medias infected by Woyane disease or simply jiving? I am telling you, it is a national epidemic that infected even foreign correspondents which she pretend to be.

Then, two years later Agency France Press (AFP) put out “Eyeing the stars: Ethiopia’s space programme” written by Karim Lebhour, AFP correspondence in Addis Ababa without doing any background check on the three people he quoted on his report. Had he fact-check the facts as any decent journalist would he would have found it is all a hoax concocted by the Woyane propaganda machine. He would have discovered, just like I did; the Director General talking with both side of his mouth masquerading as Chief of International Astronomy Union of East Africa is a TPLF agent and would let his reader know the hoax but, he didn’t. You may ask why and who is his handlers?

If you ask me; the biggest challenge Ethiopians are facing is not Woyane but, intellectual prostitutes. Intellectual prostitution is selling your professional ethics for the highest bidder. Be it in space exploration, in the Media, in government—in courts, in parliament… in military and police, education, or business, it is rampant in today’s Ethiopia and all over Africa and beyond. Intellectual prostitution is like aiming a gun at someone else and shooting yourself in the face. It doesn’t do you no good nor to your people.

Then the question is why are they doing and whom are they prostituting for? In the next article titled “Are the elites betraying Ethiopians all over again?” I will explore the origin of intellectual prostitutions of Africans in general and Ethiopians in particular, stay tune.

Look, you can’t be a government agent and measured as something else and call yourself professional. Your profession may be good to cover up your crimes but, you are a corrupt conman with a diploma. That is the way the real world works. But, when it comes to Woyane; professionals can be anything, at anytime and anywhere and do whatever is not kosher. That is the biggest problem our people are facing.

The question is what is the solution? Quite honestly, it is simple. For intellectual prostitutes accepting who they are i.e. the truth will do it. They can only be a professional or a prostitute selling their profession but, not both. For the rest of professionals, telling the prostitutes the truth and punishing them for their bad behavior will do it. You see how simple it is.

Let’s take the above example. No professional would do what they did and call him/herself professionals and get away with it. Obviously, they are getting away with it because no one is telling them or punishing them for prostituting their profession.

Isn’t that what democracy and good governance all about? ‘Believe me’; no space exploration spin or dam or road buildings gig would be a substitute for professionalism, democracy and good governance.

Personally, I feel sorry for intellectual prostitutes. It is like aiming a gun on Ethiopians but, shooting themselves on the face over-and-over again until they drop dead. It is inevitable and unavoidable simply because every word they utter is a self-inflected wound. But again, they are not hired for their profession but to prostitute it.

As I said before, you can explore space and anything and everything you want but, at the end of the day it would not prevent your surrender for democratic rule to practice your profession as it was intended. Until then, you can dodge the truth and keep prostituting it. But, what you can’t do is call yourself professional.

With that note, I will end with the simplest thing we can do to change the course of our society. That is; to end professional prostitution in our society. I assure you; everything we worry about our people’s wellbeing and country will go away.