Ethiopia: Open Letter to ‘Journalist’ Elias Kifle

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Elias Kifle, editor of the fairy tale stories on Ethiopian Review
Elias Kifle, editor of the fairy tale stories on Ethiopian Review, is just a classic case of the proverbial shameless “journalist” who gets nothing right and have nothing of value to contribute to the Ethiopian struggle except to his much trumped up lies and tales full of much sound and fury signifying nothing. We say in advance, May the Almighty have mercy on your tormented soul.

By Asrate Mamo,

In the spirit of Ethiopian tradition, I humbly greet you in the name of the Almighty wherever you are. Our forefathers were so humble that they have even taught us to extend “greetings of God” to anyone, worthy or unworthy of respect and humility.

Please forgive me for addressing you as a “journalist” in inverted commas as I believe that you have neither the skills nor the commitment to be one contrary to your beliefs. Let us agree that anyone who packages and repackages porky lies as newsworthy stories is not a journalist no matter how long he has been running such a stinky business.

You may remember that I have recently nominated you for the Ig Nobel Prize for your commitment to spreading absurdly fictitious news among Ethiopians. I feel certain that you are happy with the nomination because you have increased your productivity.

A few days ago, your fertile imagination, with the help of your five cent intelligence unit, offered us a secretly recorded video from Eritrea leaked via your infamous blog, I am sorry, but whenever I visit your blog, I feel sick and disgusted as if it was a haunted graveyard.

A day after my nomination became public, you published this amazing story with video as evidence. It seems your version of CIA, the Elias Intelligence Unit, has unlimited access to sensitive and confidential information. The story in question was headlined: “Woyanne allies inside Shabia purposely record and leak embarrassing video about Ginbot 7-ESAT members having rough time in Eritrea (video)”.

As the headline tells us, Shabia is purposely working against Arbegnoch Ginbot 7. In an act of wickedness, those “Weyane allies inside Shabia” leaked the video to your pocket-size intelligence unit. The purpose was to embarrass and hurt them.

The secret video shows real journalist Mesay Mekonnen having a hard time in a rough terrain inside Eritrea. You think that you can undermine and divide any united front and effort. By the way, Mesay did not go to Eritrea to beg for money or invent facts, unlike your excellency. He went there to report the truth, facts on the ground and the effort to forge a united front against Weyane.

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Mr. Elias, I appreciate your effort. But let me ask you the hard question. How can Shabia leak a video ESAT recorded and that Mesay himself proudly published on Facebook (on July 15, 2015) and broadcast on ESAT upon his return from Eritrea? Does it mean that your intelligence unit is as ignorant and crass as its owner? Please check the link below. Mesay had nothing but praise for you for your skill in turning his own 70 day old video, into breaking news (lies) from Eritrea. The reality is that you stole the video from ESAT and called it a leak from Shaebia. It is just a case of the proverbial shameless thief.

Not only that Mesay showed the same video, in fact not a small clip but full length, at public meetings after his return from Eritrea. This is the simple fact. But you are telling us it was leaked by Shaebia to your dumb intelligence agency that gets nothing right. Yours is not just a lie, but a damn lie!

Which one is embarrassing: fabricating news and facts endlessly or being inconvenienced for a holy cause?

You don’t have to answer it as it is too obvious to miss to anyone. But one may suspect that you have unwittingly joined sleazy Weyane lie factories like the notorious Biniam Kebede, Mesfin Bezu and Solomon Tekalign by attacking every decent Ethiopian with a barrage of fabrications. Those are unemployed vagabonds who have no other choice for survival than selling their souls out. What is wrong with you, Mr. Elias? Is it ignorance or stupidity?

Ignorance has nothing to do with lack of education. We know, at least, that you are well-educated. According to your Linkedin profile, you have a BA degree from San Bernardino. By the way, did you graduate or drop out as usual? It must be a miracle if you finished without shooting at the professors.

The worst kind of ignorance is pretending that you know everything. In reality, you don’t even know the abc of telling basic facts. That is also a kind of immaturity after fifty. As I pointed out in my previous piece, you are a shameless person who makes a living out of sensationalizing and peddling lies as long as the links generate coins. It is a shame, a great shame that you try to thrive on lies and sinister acts that harm and damage no one but yourself.

Maybe your problems are conscientious stupidity and sincere ignorance. “Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” says Martin Luther King, Jr. whatever is your problem, there is so much evidence to show that what you are doing is terribly unjustified.

Look at your victims, the ones you killed and resurrected at your whim. None of them are injured, damaged, dead or buried. But I can tell you that your self-inflicted injuries have made you an unmarketable expired item. No one will buy your lies as everyone in town knows how fake and ignoble the author is.

Mr. Elias, your real victims are those who have suffered a lot because of your recklessness. How many people have been jailed after you recklessly and carelessly contacted. You may not have the count but at least you may remember Reeyot Alemu and Wubishet Taye.

It is self-evident that you care little about others. That is what sadistic whims can make you. When you declare someone like Prof. Mesfin dead or Prof. Berhanu gravely ill or taken hostage, even if it is the usual fabrication, you never think of the impact on loved ones and others. Honestly speaking, such distinguished Ethiopians are not in your class or your nursery play groups. It is only your delusion that may tell you that you are above others, rules, standards and ethical values. Please come down to earth, your royal highness, and realize the fact that you are just a wicked wizard full of arrogance and delusions.

I pity you, Mr. Elias. Here are the words your graveyard headstone may bear eventually: “Here lies Elias Kifle, a great “journalist” who invented so many facts. May Almighty God have mercy on his tormented soul.”

In the meantime, you should at least know that there is a word called shame. Please check your dictionary what it really means and try to feel it counting some of your many shameful moments. Do it now for your own sinking self-drowning in an ocean of home-made fabrications.

The only thing worse than a liar is a liar that’s also a hypocrite!”

It wasn’t me who said that, but a playwright named Tennessee Williams. Sadly, you are not an ordinary liar but a hypocrite hiding under the mask of a liberator journalist.

Nay! Hypocrites, liars and crazy dictators like yourself never liberate others. Such egomaniacs should first liberate themselves from their own destructive and vicious alter ego.

Let me sign off by telling you that I am not interested in the “Elias Transitional Government in Exile.” Please do not send emails, letters, or solicitations as I do not like your mini-dictatorial regime in a briefcase. The idea may be good but as long as your sinister ego continues to hide behind such a scheme it can go nowhere like your countless defunct projects and regimes.

If you get hold of power, you will certainly be one of the most tyrannical rulers in our history. You cannot be a just and democratic leader, traits that are deficiently absent in your track records. Given the fact that you even run your little website in such an irresponsible and unjust manner, your future regime will surely be hell bent dictatorial. Glad that it is just hallucination.

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