Ethiopia reportedly plans to balkanize Eritrea

TPLF's man on the ground?

Eritrean community in diaspora and rank and file of the Eritrean opposition are demanding answers from the 10 opposition organizations in response to the damaging report posted by [opposition Eritrean website].  The ten organizations are Ethiopia-supported and funded members of the opposition umbrella organizations known as the Eritrean Democratic Alliance (EDA)., an Eritrean opposition website, reported on 5 January 2011 in Tigrinya and Arabic, that the Ethiopian government has given orders to the Eritrean opposition organizations to initiate military attacks against the Eritrean government inside Eritrea. What shocked the Eritrean diaspora community and the rank file of the opposition is the fact that Gen Mesfin Amare, the Ethiopian general who has become the defacto administrator/leader of the Eritrean opposition, assigned the ten organizations areas inside Eritrea they have to cover and ordered them to be confined in their respected assigned territories.

The organizations that advocate for secession were assigned areas that border Tigray region of [northern] Ethiopia while three religious organizations were assigned in areas that the engineers of this divide and rule strategy consider to be populated by Eritrean Muslems. in its report, states (Google translation of Arabic version)

“According to the same source, (the organizations) have been assigned (as follows):

•Eritrean Movement for Islamic Reform : Barka [western Eritrea];
•Eritrean Islamic Party for Development and justice: Gash [western Eritrea];
•Eritrean Liberation Front, assigned areas of its influence to reach the city and the suburbs Keren [central Eritrea].
The report also stated that Gen Mesfin Amare ordered the members of the Eritrean Democratic Alliance to “… [ellipsis as published] issue statements denouncing the Arab League and its Secretary-General Amr Musa for suggesting the possibility of Eritrea becoming a member of the Arab League.”

Many in the opposition and the Eritrean diaspora public have taken Ethiopia’s action as a strategy to create war lords in areas considered to be friendly to the organizations either on religious, ethnic or awraja [province] grounds.

In its latest posting dated 9 January, has reported that the Ethiopian government has ordered the EDA to kick out two of its member on account of their rejection of the Ethiopian agenda as is being manifested by the “Addis Conference” that convened last summer and the upcoming ” National Congress”.

The two EDA member organizations expected to get the boot are [the] Eritrean People’s Democratic Party and the Islamic Conference Party. Both are considered by Ethiopia too nationalistic who could get in its way of implementing its not-so-hidden agenda to Somalize Eritrea [to Balkanize].

The “National Conference” has been assigned to create a transitional government [like] Somalia and write a new constitution. The National Conference is also expected to adopt Ethiopia’s Article39 that gives nationalities the right of self determination up to session.

(Source:, in English 12 Jan 2011)