Rise of the ‘Amhara Retards’ and Oromo ‘Criminals and Terrorists’ in 2016?

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Are Amharas “retards”? Are Oromo protesters demanding an end to confiscation of their land “criminals and terrorists”? Are we now witnessing the rise of the “Amhara retards” and the Oromo “criminals and terrorists ” in Ethiopia? TPLF is now ready to harvest the hate it had sowed for the last 25 years.

By Prof. Al Mariam,

Are Amharas “retards”? Are Oromo protesters demanding an end to confiscation of their land “criminals and terrorists”? Are we now witnessing the rise of the “Amhara retards” and the Oromo “criminals and terrorists ” in Ethiopia?

The TPLF (Tigrean People’s Liberation Front) and its handmaidens say Amharas and Oromos are just a bunch slobbering “retards, idiots, low lifes, criminals and terrorists”.

This is what one TPLF hate-monger had to say retards (translated into English below; Amharic transcript of statement available here ):

… Did I speak in Tigrinya? Yes, what was I just saying was? Like the voice of Meles said, what’s the translation in Chinese? Ha ha! When you translate it from that, hee, hee, hee, hee hee… What did he say? He [Meles] brought an example which said, ‘Even if you die in the air, you will not be buried in the air. Ok. What I wanted to say is that I am not criticizing what’s his name Gobezay [name of a man?] by any means. I understand his feelings and he’s right.

Unfortunately, the Amharas in different ways are scheming to create some kind of conflict among Tigreans, to divide them, to tear them apart, that’s what they want. And using different forms, they are trying to cause us [Tigreans] mental anguish. And because they [Amharas] have a strategy to swoop on Arat Kilo [symbol of TPLF power]. But we have caught on their scheme for some time now.

You are right. Our brothers [TPLF rebel fighters] have paid the ultimate sacrifice. They have fought and given up their lives. For that equality, those of our brothers who have died, they have paid a huge price for this equality, for this equality and reality to happen in Ethiopia.

Those who cannot stomach this, the people who hate this, the people tending goats in Eritrea, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee, hee… Ok. Anyway, those who came from one area, they are retards.; it means retards. Where do they come from?

Yes the Gojames (Amhara people) are called retards. Gonderes (another Amhara people) are enemies. They should not be given awards. They are retards. In terms of thinking, their brains, they are low, very low. They are low retards. They are in a separate category. They represent a retarded idea, a retarded way of doing things. They are a type that follow a way of doing things that is un-Ethiopian. Because they are failures and low-lifes. We need to refer to them. If we have to refer to them [saying], ‘You low-lifes. You don’t represent us. You don’t dare talk to me like this.’ We can even call them low-lifes, retards and idiots.

This is a type of thinking that has rolled and fell yesterday [outmoded]. We don’t have time to dig it up. We are marching forward. We are building Hidase Dam. We are laying rail lines. And, hee, hee, hee,… these retards unfortunately, they are not filtered. The vast majority of them spend their time on paltalk. I mean the retards. Ninety percent spend their time on paltalk. They have nothing to do. They have nothing. During the Derg [military regime] time, they were majors, lieutenant this or that.

Whether you like it or not, we have come to power after we paid a price. End of story. For the next time, we will pay for them. I wonder what militia will come. Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee hee. Anyway….

TPLF vilification and humiliation of Amharas and Oromos continues unabated.

The TPLF’s driving organizational force from the very beginning has been hatred for and advocacy of the total annihilation of the Amharas, a fact meticulously explained by Gebremedhin Araya, the former treasurer and top leader of the TPLF, who left the TPLF and distinguished himself as a fearless and uncompromising patriotic Ethiopian truth-teller.

According to Gebremedhin (move clip on video to 7 minutes 26 seconds), TPLF leaders taught their members, followers, and supporters:

… The Amhara are the enemy of the Tigray people. Not only that, Amhara are the double enemy of the people of Tigray. Therefore, we have to hit Amhara. We have to annihilate Amhara. If the Amhara are not destroyed, if the Amhara are not beaten up and uprooted from the earth, the people of Tigray cannot live in freedom. And for the government we intend to create, the Amhara are going to be the obstacle. That is what it means…

(For a detailed analysis of the TPLF’s politics of hate, see my November 2014 commentary “ The de-Ethiopianization of Ethiopia.”)

This sentiment continues to be repeated by TPLF mastermind Sebhat Nega who regularly brags in the hotle lobbies and bars about the need to cleanse “Amharas” and members of the “Orthodox” church to ensure the supremacy of the TPLF.

Of course, the TPLF represents no one but its corrupt leaders and their cronies and supporters. It has no moral or political legitimacy to claim representation of any other group in Ethiopia.

The TPLF has vilified and demonized peaceful Oromo protesters and called them “criminals and terrorists”. The TPLF “speaker of the parliament” had to issue a public “rebuke” to those making the outrageously false charges.

TPLF supporters spew hate like their demi-god, the late TPLF thugmaster Meles Zenawi, who loved to demean and demonize Amharas and Oromos.

Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice in her eulogy of Meles in 2012 recounted that Meles was “tough, unsentimental and sometimes unyielding. And, of course, he had little patience for fools, or idiots, as he liked to call them.”

Meles reserved some mean and nasty words for his opponents, especially Amharas.

Meles often talked about his opponents as “dirty chaff”, “mud smearers” (mud people), “enemies” and “terrorists”.

TPLF leaders, members and supporter’s consider all Ethiopians “retards, fools and idiots”.

The TPLF will not miss an opportunity to humiliate even Amhara political prisoners. According to “Eyewitness accounts who were present at court said General Asaminew Tsige told the court that his torturers were hurling ethnic insult at him saying, “Amhara shintam new!” … and “men tametalachihu?” meaning “Amahras are cowards who piss on themselves, what are you going to do?”

Thugmaster Meles Zenawi seemed to have a morbid fascination with genocide.

Whenever the going got tough for him and his criminal band of brothers, he would whip out the specter of Rwandan-style “interhamwe” (which in Kinyarwanda or Rwanda means “those who stand, work, fight, attack together”) in Ethiopia.

When Zenawi decided to jam Voice of America (VOA) broadcasts in Ethiopia in 2010, his justification was that the VOA was promoting genocide:

We have been convinced for many years that in many respects, the VOA Amharic Service has copied the worst practices of radio stations such as Radio Mille Collines of Rwanda in its wanton disregard of minimum ethics of journalism and engaging in destabilizing propaganda.

At the time, I challenged Meles Zenawi’s genocidal speculations in my May 2011 commentary “In Defense of the Voice of America”.

The hateful rants of TPLF supporters are not only deeply offensive but also provide a window into the dark souls of the TPLF thugs and “thugesses”.

Those who are vectors of hate, fear and smear must always be exposed and challenged. Silence is to hate as gasoline is to fire. Silence breeds hate. Silent indifference to TPLF hate-mongering is the moral equivalent of complicity.

What motivates TPLF supporters and mouthpieces to launch vicious and unprovoked slanderous verbal attacks on ALL Amharas and Oromos can only be explained by their monstrous and revolting hatred for ALL Amharas and Oromos.

It is easy to dismiss TPLF hate-mongers as inconsequential ideologues. But that would be a grave mistake.

The TPLF supporters have weapons of mass media distraction and destruction in their hands. They can easily spark and unleash a genocidal civil war with their media hate-talk.

That is precisely what happened at the onset of the Rwandan Genocide.

Ferdinand Nahimana, Hassan Ngeze and Jean Bosco Barayagwiza used Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines, a private FM they operated as regime cronies, to broadcast inflammatory and rabid propaganda against Tutsis, moderate Hutus, Belgians, and the United Nations mission.

The three disk jokeys of Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines coordinated the genocide by describing Tutsis as “cockroaches” and communicating the location of Tutsis and moderate Hutus for execution by Hutu thugs.

The Rwandan disk jockeys fiercely urged, “You have to kill the Tutsis, they’re cockroaches.”

For using Radio Mille Collines in the Rwandan Genocide, Ferdinand Nahimana, Hassan Ngeze and Jean Bosco Barayagwiza were prosecuted at the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda in 2003, convicted and given very long prison sentences.

Are we waiting for a radio broadcast from the TPLF messengers of hate to deliver the message, “You have to kill Amharas. They are retards”?

What is the difference between what the Rwandan disk-jokeys’ description of Tutsis as “cockroaches” and the TPLF hate-mongers who repeatedly describe Amharas as “retards”?

There is little difference. What is a “cockroach” for one is a “retard” for another.

There is only one unanswered question: When will the crimes against humanity inflicted on the Rwandan “cockroaches” be inflicted on the “Amhara retards” ?

The Nazis launched a propaganda campaign to exterminate and sterilize “mentally retarded people” and others with disability.

The “mental retards” of Nazi Germany were not capable of doing things the Aryan way; just like the TPLF hate-mongers articulate the Amhara “retards” are a “a type that follow a way of doing things that is un-Ethiopian.”

In Nazi Germany, the “mental retards” were considered “low lifes” just like the TPLF hate-mongers consider Amharas “retards”.

The Nazis used a slightly different word to describe Aryans (Ubermenschen [supermen]) and non-Aryans (Untermenschen [subhumans]) in Germany.

The TPLF hate-mongers proclaim, “Our brothers [TPLF rebel fighters] have paid the ultimate sacrifice. They have fought and given up their lives.”

The TPLF hate-mongers’ unmistakable suggestion is that Amharas, Oromos and others are cowards and wimps who will never raise arms to defend their honor or dignity. What they are saying is that Amharas, Oromos and others would prefer to live like slaves than “pay the ultimate price” and gain their honor, dignity and freedom.

That is why TPLF hate-mongers say they have earned their place as supermen and as undisputed rulers of the thugdom they have established in Ethiopia.

But for the TPLF, Amharas “are retards. In terms of thinking, their brains, they are low, very low. They are low retards. They are in a separate category.”

In “a separate category of” subhumans?

Are the “Amhara retards” the TPLF’s new Untermenschen and the TPLF the Ubermenschen of Ethiopia?

Are TPLF hate-mongers campaigning for the extermination of the “Amhara retards”?

Or is the TPLF and its appointed hate-mongers challenging the “Amhara retards” and “Oromo criminals and terrorists” to rise up? Up from TPLF slavery!

Pray for the “retard” Amharas?!

Reaction to the rants of TPLF hate-mongers ranges from disappointment to outrage.

Some suggest responding to trash-talking loud-mouth TPLF hate-mongers is the equivalent of dignifying their hateful messages.

There are some who believe hate-mongers will go away if they are ignored and overlooked.

I don’t believe in giving a free pass to hate-mongers; it does not matter to me if the hate-mongers are called Donald Trump-aryans or Trump’s African Clones (corps).

The undeniable truth is that what the trash-talking hate-mongers are talking in the media are exactly the things the TPLF leaders, members and supporters talk in the privacy of their homes, behind closed doors and in their conference and boardrooms.

It is easy to be disgusted by all of the hate-filled statements of the TPLF and its supporters and turn a deaf ear. It is easy to dismiss them as gabby hate-mongers as “tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

The fact is that the TPLF leaders, members and supporters are on the same page when it comes to hating Amhara and Oromo people.

The TPLF hate-mongers articulate the hate, fear and loathing burning ceaselessly in the hearts and minds of the TPLF leaders, members and supporters.

The trash-talking hate-mongers get their hate talking points straight from the very, very top of the TPLF leadership. They are ordered to monger hate.

That’s the way the TPLF comrades talk everyday when no outsider is listening.

I know because they tell me.

Make no mistake: There are some (a few) among the TPLF who believe they are Ethiopians first and foremost before they are TPLF or anything else. Not all who wear TPLF stripes are TPLF in the heart. Bless their hearts!

There may be some who may be tempted to mudsling it out with the TPLF hate-mongers.

Not me. Like George Bernard Shaw, “I learned long ago, never to wrestle with a pig [or a sow]. You get dirty, and besides, the pig [sow] likes it.”

As I have often said, you can take the thug out of the bush, but you can never take the bush out of the thug. No amount of fine jewelry, designer suits and handbags can ever change a thug or thugess. A thug is for life! A fact of life!

But those hate-mongers who point an index finger and insult and vilify an entire ethnic group as “retards, idiots and fools” should take a careful look at where their three fingers are pointing.

TPLF hate-mongers mock the “Amhara retards” by offering to “pray” for them.

They should save their prayers for themselves and their TPLF partners-in-crime. They are going to need it more than the “Amhara retards”.

Since the TPLF hate-mongers present themselves as praying (preying?) people, they can learn from Scripture: “He who troubles his own house will inherit wind, And the foolish will be servant to the wisehearted.”

The TPLF hate-mongers offering their prayers should also remember from Scripture, “There is a time for everything.”

It is now time to be free of the TPLF scourage!

The TPLF, its leaders, members and supporters will inherit the wind on their way to the trash heap of history.

All indications are the “Amhara retards” are defiantly standing their ground declaring: “Praise the Lord! Pass the ammunition.”

But the “retard Gojames” have a final and irrevocable answer for the TPLF:

Gojam is [land of ] of heroes. We will die for our country.

Welkait is ours.

We want a strong leader not a blind one.

Ethiopianity is our language.

Weyane are a bunch of cowards.

What is the business of a front established to liberate Tigray in Ethiopia?

The military belongs to the people.

The boundary of Tigray is Tekeze.

Release political prisoners.

Andargachew Tsigie is our leader, not a terrorist.

Andualem Aragie is our leader, not a terrorist.

Bekele Gerba is our leader, not a terrorist.

There can be no negotiation in the case of Col. Demeke.

End of the story for the TPLF?

The TPLF hate-mongers say it is “the end of the story” for the “Amhara retards”?


It sure looks like the end of a horrendous story that began 25 years ago.

For 25 years, the TPLF has ruled the “Amhara retards”.

For 25 years, the TPLF has ruled Oromo “criminals and terrorists”.

But the TPLF is learning belatedly and much to their surprise the “retards, criminals and terrorists” are actually awakening tigers who have pretended to be in slumber for 25 years.

The Tigers are rising. The Tigers are growling. The Tigers are on the prowl!

Ecce Tigris! (Behold the Tiger!)

The TPLF no longer has the Tigers by their tails.

The Tigers have set themselves free.

The TPLF is looking straight into the eyes of the Ethiopian Tigers, assembled together — fearless, defiant and hungry.

The TPLF is now facing the TRUTH: The Ethiopian Tigers!

Can the TPLF handle the TRUTH?

The TPLF believes it can handle the Ethiopian Tigers by massacring them, arresting, jailing, torturing and persecuting them.

The TPLF cannot win a war on the Ethiopian people when it has lost the battle for their hearts and minds.

There is no military might on earth that can defeat or contain the rage and outrage of a people who have been subjected to a long train of abuses, daily indignities and mistreatment.

There is no military might that can defeat the Ethiopian people UNITED.

The Ethiopian people UNITED, can never be defeated!.

I have often reminded the TPLF to think about an eternal truth spoken by Gandhi: “I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants, and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall. Think of it–always.”

TPLF’s ONLY Option: Massacre innocent citizens on an industrial Nazi-scale to cling to power

The TPLF has many options to save itself and the country. But it will not take any of them because the T-TPLF leaders, members and supporters believe they can, once more, outwit, outthink, outsmart, outplay, outfox and outmaneuver the “Amhara retards”, the “Oromo ciminals and terrorists” and all of their opposition in all parts of the country.

The TPLF is said to be doing contingency planning for direct martial law (military rule) if things cannot be controlled in short order.

Like that is going to make a difference.

The TPLF is in power today only because it has control of the military, but that control is actually minimal. Though nearly all of the “officers” are TPLF cadres and the rank and file from the other groups, the TPLF will be making a big mistake if it believes it can maintain its killing machine by feeding the rank and file extra cash and perks.

The TPLF should heed the words of Ho Chi Minh from another time fighting against the most powerful military power in the world: “You can kill ten of our men for every one we kill of yours. But even at those odds, you will lose and we will win.”

The TPLF will lose. The odds are against it. Do the simple arithmetic!

Let the TPLF be forewarned in the words of MLK: “Hate begets hate; violence begets violence; toughness begets a greater toughness.”

In the end, that TPLF strategy of making Ethiopia its killing fields will fail because the rank and file in the military will not stand for it.

But one cannot kill a people who feel living under TPLF is the equivalent of a thousand deaths.

In one recent video online, a man in the street is heard saying, “Under TPLF rule, we are already dead. Worse than dead. We can’t be anymore dead than we already are.”

But the TPLF underestimates the bravery of the Ethiopian people in general. They underestimate the fierce capacity of a people who successfully fought and defeated one of the mightiest European colonial powers not once but twice.

The TPLF in their ignorant arrogance believe Ethiopians are cowards, “retards” “fools”, “idiots”, criminals” and “terrorists” and only they are the bravest of the brave.

Meles Zenawi believed he and his TPLF could remain in power forever by using crushing force and dividing Amharas and Oromos, Tigreans and all the rest.

Exactly four years ago to the month, Meles died from a terminal disease called HATE.

In August 2016, the TPLF is ready to harvest the hate it had sowed for the last 25 years.

To the TPLF who believe Amharas and Oromos are gutless cowards and wimps, I say you are wrong, dead wrong.

Amharas and Oromos are brothers and sisters to Tigreans, Sidamans, Welayita, Hadiya, Afar, Gamo, Ogadeni, Anuak… Christians, Muslims…

They are all ETHIOPIANS before they are anything else.

We rise up or fall down as ETHIOPIANS!

It has long been told in Scripture that “Ethiopia shall stretch out her hands to God.”

That time is NOW!

Ethiopians need to stretch out their hands and embrace each other in peace, brotherhood, sisterhood and friendship. That is the holy way.

For those TPLF leaders, members and supporters “praying” for the “Amhara retrads”, I will remind them one more time the old prophesy told in the lyrics of a song of African slaves from the harrowing days of slavery in America: “God gave Noah the Rainbow Sign: No more water. The fire next time!”

Can you see the rainbow Ethiopian nation of Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Gurage, Sidama, Welayita, Hadiya, Afar, Gamo, Ogadeni, Anuak… Christians, Muslims, Animists, young, old, men, women… embracing each other, holding hands and rising up together as one?!