Ethiopia Says Some Security Concerns Resolved

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For a vanguard party such as EPRDF that has earned the right to lead the state
ELECTION PHOBIA? For a vanguard party such as EPRDF that has earned the right to lead the state, rule the people and win the perfect election with 99.6% votes, security concerns or not, the 2015 “election” will be gone with the wind


Dr. SHIFERAW Teklemaraim, Minister of Federal Affairs, said to regional and federal security and intelligence heads that the government has been faced with four major security concerns.

The first concern being the security threat caused by what he called “armed insurgent groups”; fully controlling these groups has been testing, he said. But, he noted, concerns that were created due to religious extremism have been fully controlled.

Similarly, ethnic conflicts have been put under control with the ongoing attempts to mediate Afar and Somali ethnic groups (Issa) reaching a good begining.

Gedu Andargachew, the President of the Amhara regional state, said security forces were able to control extremism although forces that are armed and sent by neighboring Eritrea still continue to be causes of insecurity.

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Meanwhile, The newly formed Cooperative of the nine local opposition parties has sent a letter asking recognition from the Addis Abeba City Administration to hold a 24 hour from December 6th to 7th, 2014 in Meskel Square, Addis Abeba.

The recognition letter has been signed by Engineer Yilkal Getnet, Chairman of Semayawi (Blue) Party and also Chair of the Cooperative, Erchafo Ergelo, Chair of Kembata Peoples’ and Deputy of the Cooperative, Girma Bekele from Omo Peoples’ Democratic Organisation and Nuri Mudesir of the All Ethiopian Democratic Party .

The demonstration is to be held to demand the government to make the upcoming general election peaceful, fair and free.

When the officials of the Cooperative travelled to the City Administration to submit the letter, they were told that the office will not accept it unless Aseged Getachew, the Head of Mayoral Affairs Office had signed it and directed it to them.

The representatives of the parties had left the letter in the office in the presence of four witnesses. The officials of the parties had also sent copies of the letter via urgent post.