Ethiopia Should be Ashamed of its Eritrea Allegation

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“Like a broken gramophone, Ethiopia’s Foreign Ministry resuscitates the worn-out lie of Eritrean support to Al-Shebaab at every juncture.” – Yemane G. Meskel

For the Honorable FM Tedros Adhanom, Eritrea is to blame even for a volcanic eruption in Chile . Diplomat my foot!
For the Honorable FM Tedros Adhanom, Eritrea is to blame even for a volcanic activity in Chile. Get him a Life!

By Ibrahim A. Ibrahim,

It has been the nature of Ethiopia to link Eritrea in any event that hearts the people and countries of the region. This inhuman savage act against civilian atrocity that took place in Nairobi is disgusting and unspeakable from one of the high ranking officials in Ethiopia to bring such an accusation at this time when the Kenyans are mourning their losses.

If the Ethiopian foreign minister thinks this is the right time to play a political ploy against Eritrea at this sad time it is magnifying how much short sighted the regime is. I think this is the time that countries in the whole region should have come together hand in hand to prevent such heinous act of terror not to happen again in any country. This is not the time to play dirty politics that does not bring any good but to disgrace the fallen peaceful citizens of Kenya and other impacted citizens of other nations.

What can be read out of this fabrication of ugly politics by Ethiopian leaders is that regardless the pain incurred and the loss felt of any loved ones, all they care is how to score an ugly negative political point against Eritrea.

I believe this is not politics. As a leading diplomat, the Ethiopian Foreign Minister should have shown his undivided attention to the situation and should have called for full cooperation with the government of Kenya to bring the perpetrators of this savage act, rather than trying to find a way or means to score his old, lie-based political game. Full of lie fabrication and reckless act against humanity should test a leading Ethiopian politician how much he is able to be a leader.

These have clearly showed that Ethiopia has not and will not have a gut to learn from its past grave mistakes. In fact they are working hard to create more hate redness and animosity among the neighboring countries of Eritrea and Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian Foreign Minister has to understand that it is not the nature and the wish of any single Eritrean to engage in such act of terror. If history is a lesson, he should know how the civilized citizens of Eritrea have treated to the sole Ethiopian military personnel who killed, maimed, poisoned them with a gas, imprisoned, burned them and committed all crimes against humanity with; Eritreans have treated them with respect and provide them with water and food until they exit the country to their Ethiopia.

I bold my question to the high ranking Ethiopian diplomat “How dare you to accuse Eritrea to such a crime?

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The writer was the former Bank of Eritrea Administrator who currently resides in USA.
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