Ethiopia to Launch Satellite into Space

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The next story in line by the despicable Tigray Online website may be ‘Ethiopia finalized preparation to send astronauts to the moon by the year end’. (Picture: Tigray Online’s proposed type of rocket launcher)

By TesfaNews,

Ethiopia is ready to create space agency that builds and launch satellite into space, of course, with no ones assistance, claims the regimes most favorite propaganda website Tirgay Online.

This impoverished African country, famed more for famine, war and its coffee than technology, said it is building a rocket launching station using next-generation rocket technology, of all the places in Ethiopia, in Tigray region.

Named after the late autocratic dictator Meles Zenawi, the purpose of the costly “Alpha-Meles” Space and Satellite project is not yet disclosed.

Unless it is a phantom project made up for cheap propaganda purposes, it looks like they want to send a message to Egypt who recently launched a satellite into orbit to monitor developments at the disputed Ethiopian grand dam on the Nile from the space or may be it is aimed at boosting the ailing  pride of the nation under the minority regime.

According to this less trustworthy website, Ethiopia, the second poorest nation on the planet with a zero know-how on how to manufacture a needle, has finalized preparation to build a technologically advanced rocket launching station (claims same as the above picture) and two additional underground stations that can be used for testing and other preparations.

The people behind this god-forsaken website are known on making outlandish claims in the past but this one by far is the most outrageous.

According to this website, the proposed launching station have the capacity to launch rockets up to 30 kilometers into space.

At a time when sending a satellite into orbit was billions of dollars away to most developed nations, for Ethiopia, according to Tigray Online, is not an issue at all.

Citing ‘Alpha Meles‘ satellite project manager, Engineer Mulualem Hailemariam, the sixty or so engineers on the project, none of them  astrophysicists or aeronautical engineers by the way, are working 24 hours, non-stop, with a consistent quality that fits their meager budget.

MIT (the Mekelle Institute of Technology) is reportedly responsible for the designing of the rocket launcher (God forbid) in association with some local construction companies such as Mesfin Industrial Engineering,  Mesebo Cement factory and Metals and Engineering Corporation for manufacturing the different parts of the station.

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In its race against the clock and to make the final frontier to the space a little crowded, Tigray online shamelessly concludes that  testing of ‘the rocket’s system‘ will be finalized in the underground stations at the end of July [which July?].

Last year, Ethiopia announced it has commissioned a US $1m Entoto Observatory and Research Center to study the space and to help preparing itself to carry out space programs including launching its own satellites into orbit.