Ethiopians Appeal to Sign Petition Against COIE

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COI eritrea petition
Eritreans and Ethiopians are calling to categorically and unequivocally reject the politically motivated reports of the Commission of Inquiry (COIE) and the Special Rapporteur (SR) on the Human Rights Situation in Eritrea.

By Neamin Zeleke,

Why lending support and sign the petition? A strong and stable Eritrea is vital for Ethiopia and the stability and security of the Horn in strategic ways.

A./ Unlike most countries in the Horn of Africa, including Ethiopia, Eritrea is the most stable, peaceful and secure country that has managed to keep the harmony and peaceful co-existence of its society that is multilingual and multiethnic with varied religions. In view of the proliferation of extremism and fundamentalism around the globe in general and Asia and Africa in particular, keeping at bay all forms of extremism, including religious extremism, and ethnic nationalism, Eritrea could be considered as a bulwark in the fight against all forms of radicalism and extremism we see around the world. With the strategically pivotal Red sea coastline that stretches for over 1000 KM, a strong and stable Eritrea is vital for the security and stability of the Horn of Africa.

B./ Eritrea plays a very important role in the struggle of the Ethiopian people to attain their freedom, dignity and justice denied to them by the minority TPLF regime in Ethiopia. Not only it is logical, and rational, from the point of view of an enlightened interest of Ethiopia, it is also strategically wise to assist Eritreans in their all-around struggle against the wanton assault to subdue and weaken the Eritrean state and people by certain international forces that are aligned with the TPLF regime in Ethiopia.

C./ In addition, such a partnership should be considered as one of the ways that contribute and create the ground work for the healthy, mutually beneficial strategic partnership in all spheres and realms of the two countries and generations of both Ethiopians and Eritreans in the years and decades to come. Whatever misgiving one may have about internal matters in Eritrea, most of the problems and challenges could be resolved when the menace and mortal threat posed by the minority TPLF regime ravaging the Horn in general and Eritrea in particular is no more.

Cognizant of these strategic imperatives stated above, we call on all members and supporters of the Patriotic Ginbot 7 worldwide and all other patriotic Ethiopians who understand the implication of the sinister agenda against Eritrea, to sign the online petition launched by Eritrean communities worldwide.

This is one way that would enable the Eritrean communities worldwide and the Eritrean people in general to counter the deliberate and orchestrated attempt to weaken the state and people of Eritrea.

Please sign the online petition, by clicking the link below, as expression of concrete support for the people of Eritrea who are signing the petition and requesting for support in this campaign by all Ethiopians who see the danger in the nefarious attempt to weaken Eritrea.

click-sign-petitionThe deadline is on June 6 and time is of the essence.
Thank you to all Ethiopians for signing. The struggle shall continue!!

Diplomacy, Advocacy, & Partnerships Department – Patriotic Ginbot 7