Ethiopia’s Ruling Party Announced 100% Election Victory

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Ethiopian "election" was not about how “every vote counts” but who counts every vote.
Ethiopia’s democratic “election” was not about how “every vote counts” but who counts every vote. Perfekt Elektion

By TesfaNews,

ETHIOPIA’s ruling party, the TPLF/EPRDF, have won every single parliamentary seat in May’s elections,
according to official results that was released today.

This includes the one seat held by an opposition MP following the 2010 poll.

Opposition parties have said the process was rigged and in fact, that is what they have expected when ruling
party crosses a “thugocracy” with democracy.

According to Prof. Al Mariam, a “thugmocracy”, as in ‘democracy’, is a government of thugs, by thugs,
for thugs.

No one doubts the TPLF dominated EPRDF “thugmocrats” will win the “elektion” with 100 percent of the parliamentary seats. After all, they damn near nailed it in 2010. They missed it by a hair, clenching only 99.6 percent.

The last time any election was “won” by 100 percent was in 2014 by Kim Jong-un of North Korea. In 2002, Iraq’s late dictator Saddam Hussein also won by 100 percent, sweeping every one of the 11,445,638 votes cast.

Truth be told, the TPLF/EPRDF thugs delivered on their promise of a “perfekt elektion” to create the world’s first genuine ‘thugmocracy’ with the full financial aid and support of the Western donors.

With most opposition party leaders either in prison or abroad, the populace living under a suffocating blanket of fear, and the ruling party having total control over the media, the election result was kind of a foregone conclusion.

The entire election process was, therefore, an insult to the people of Ethiopia, who are being intimidated, abused and suppressed by these brutal, arrogant thugs that talks the democratic talk but acts in violation of all democratic ideals.

At last, they have loudly told the Ethiopian people that any hope of change through peaceful means is just an illusion.