EU-Eritrea Sign 11th EDF Cooperation Agreement

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eritrea-eu cooperation agreement
DONE DEAL. Eritrea and European Union formalizing the €200 million development assistance under the 11th EDF 2014 – 2020 Eritrea National Indicative Program.

By TesfaNews,

The Eritrean government and European Union today in Asmara signed the €200 million Cooperation Agreement under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) 2014 – 2020 National Indicative Program.

The Agreement was signed by Dr. Giorghis Teklemicael, Minister of National Development, and Mr. Christian Manhal, Head of the European Union Delegations to Eritrea.

By signing the Eritrea National Indicative Program, the European Union and the Government of Eritrea agreed to converge efforts on two most critical areas of the socio-economic development until the year 2020 – notably energy efficiency and sustainability, and improved governance.

Accordingly, out of the €200 million development fund, a lion share of €175 million will be funneled to energy, €20 million on capacity building and €5 million for technical assistance.

The deal makes Eritrea the highest per-capita recipient of European Development assistance.

The EU believes supporting the energy sector is crucial for the Eritrean socio-economic development as it allows better access to social services, including schools, hospitals and health centers. The support will also facilitate irrigated agriculture and the development of the country’s considerable fishing potential.

Today’s signing of the Cooperation Agreement marks a major milestone in the fostering of the 23 years old Eritrea – EU ties of development cooperation.

Eritrea and EU Sign Landmark Agreement

By European Union – Asmara,

Eritrea and EU sign landmark agreement on future development cooperation, promoting renewable energy and sound governance

The Eritrean Minister for National Development, Dr. Giorgis Teklemichael, and the EU Head of Delegation, Christian Manahl, signed on 28th January 2016 in Asmara the National Indicative Program (NIP) under the 11th European Development Fund. This framework program of 200 M€, which defines Eritrea-EU development cooperation for the next five years, focuses on renewable energy and governance. It was approved by EU Member States in the EDF committee in November 2015.

The NIP will support Eritrea in operating an important shift in its energy policy and in harnessing its rich potential of solar, wind, and geothermal energy, as well as contributing to international efforts to mitigate climate change. Recognising the key role of energy for socio-economic development, this component of the NIP will bring affordable, clean and reliable energy to rural areas hitherto without electricity and enhance overall electricity production. Furthermore, it will improve energy efficiency by rehabilitating the distribution grid in Asmara and Massawa.

The smaller, but equally important governance component offers the Government of Eritrea expertise and capacity building to improve public financial management, modernize its financial sector, enhance economic planning and put it on a sound statistical basis, and implement the recommendations of the UN-led Universal Periodic Review on human rights.

This long-term cooperation program, will proceed upon implementation of agreed objectives in all three sectors, is in line with the EU’s global objectives of poverty reduction and with EU climate policy. It supports the efforts of the Government and people of Eritrea to increase productivity, encourage investments, create employment and business opportunities, and thus address some of the root causes of irregular migration.

Eritrea – EU Conclude a Cooperation Accord

By Shabait,

The Government of Eritrea and the European Union concluded a 200-million Euro cooperation agreement focusing mainly on the development of renewable energy on 28th of January 2016.

According to the agreement, out of the 200 million Euro of the European Development Fund, a share of 175 million Euros will be directed to energy, 20 million Euros on capacity building and 5 million Euros for technical assistance.

The Minister of National Development, Dr. Giorgis Teklemikael, and Mr. Christian Manahl, EU Ambassador to Eritrea, signed the accord.

Present on the occasion were Foreign Minister Osman Saleh, Gen. Sebhat Ephrem, Minister of Energy and Mines, and Mr. Koen Doens, EU Director for Eastern and Southern Africa.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Giorgis, noted the existing cooperation between Eritrea and the EU in different sectors, and explained that the latest agreement attests to the prevailing close cooperation between Eritrea and the European Union.

Ambassador Christian Manahl, on his part, stated that the Eritrean Government’s judicious utilization of resources will be decisive in strengthening partnership.

Meanwhile, Dr. Giorgis and Mr. Koen Doens conducted discussion focusing on the cooperation agreement and its implementation.