Foreign Artists and Cultural Troupes Touring Eritrea

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More than 180 artists from China, Uganda, Chile, Venezuela, South Africa, Sudan, Turkey, Egypt, Germany and the United States have joined local artists to make this year’s silver jubilee independence day of Eritrea extremely unique.

Before they depart to their respective countries, they made a government sponsored tour of Eritrea.  They have been in Sawa, Keren, Asmara, Massawa and other important places in the country. They all expressed their excitement and satisfaction with the peace, security, landscape, and hospitality they experienced in the course of their visit.

Concerts for the German-Eritrean Friendship

Philharmonie Leipzig travels to Asmara in Eritrea

Integration instead of exclusion. The Philharmonie Leipzig travels for two concerts in the Eritrean capital Asmara. Already in the past year, the Philharmonic has been invited by the German Ambassador and the Goethe-Institut in the east African country. The travelers here offered to new and memorable impressions of the highest relevance foreclosed in the West Country.

“We did not know what to expect, so the whole orchestra was also very excited. Then we played the concerts and people have waved us immediately and cheered us – we played among others a concert at the Italian Opera House and we hearty welcome everywhere,” described Michael Köhler, the chief conductor Philharmonie Leipzig.

The reason for this year’s invitation is the 25th anniversary of the founding of the state. Concerts are here representing the culmination of the official celebrations. Given about 20,000 visitors are expected.

“This year, the goal is the bridge to Eritrea, which we started last year to build, consolidate and extend a bit wider, so as to forge friendship between Germany and Eritrea. That is also the aim of the German Embassy, and the EU Ambassador and many other ambassadors on the spot – so together with Eritrea, a bridge to Europe can be built, ” Köhler continued.

Together with a delegation of the Foreign Ministry to start the orchestra on Friday to the seven-day trip to Asmara.