The “Exorcist” Opens His Big Mouth Again!

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Getachew Reda Chillaxing after a long day of insulting Ethiopians.

By Engidu Woldie,

Surprises keep coming from the gang of criminals in Addis Ababa and they will never end soon considering the behavior of the new TPLF spokesperson in town, a big mouthed thug by the name Getachew Reda.

We all recall that the communication minister, a.k.a. the spokesperson for the minority regime in his remarks at his inaugural press conference called the great people of Oromo, who came out in defense of their rights and in defiance of the quarter century status quo of repression and marginalization, the “demons.” 

The chatter box who never mince his words, also vowed that his government would “exorcise” the “demons” out of the people of Oromia, who simply say no to the encroachment of their farmlands and natural environment by the regime under the guise of “integrated development,” a euphemism in Ethiopia for taking away your land and make you a homeless; or a guard or janitor at best, for the so called development projects and buildings owned by the TPLF Tigrayans.

The communication minister, a.k.a. the “exorcist” (I would like to ask everyone to allow me to bestow upon him this “coveted” title for calling the people of Oromia who challenged tyranny “demons” and also for the determination of his government as well as his leading role in “exorcising” the “demons” out of the people) appeared on a weekly Television talk show “Meet EBC” (yeah, you know, “Meet the Press,”) where English speaking TPLF Tigrayans and their cronies come to show off their English speaking skills or lack thereof.

Here are some interesting remarks by the master exorcist:

“I DON’T THINK the people of Oromia were particularly alarmed by the prospect of Addis Ababa engulfing the Oromia zones in its surrounding.”

“Those legitimate protests were vociferously expressed in public and the government is FULLY COMFORTABLE.”

“99.9% of the Oromos did not take part in the protest. Only few gangs from political parties at home and abroad.”

“I believe SOME lives are lost.”

“ARMED gangs were TERRORIZING people.” Etc, etc

In the meantime no question or challenge by the interviewer about the elementary school kids, pregnant women and peaceful protesters – who simply carry sticks as a cultural show of defiance – and who were shot and killed execution style by TPLF killing squads.

The writer Engidu Woldie can be reached at and Twitter @EngiduWoldie