Ginbot 7 Response to UN Monitoring Group Report

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Response to References made about Ginbot 7 in the Report of the Monitoring Group of Somalia and Eritrea
Response to References made about Ginbot 7 in the Report of the Somalia and Eritrea Monitoring Group (SEMG)

By TesfaNews,

THE Ginbot 7 for Justice, Freedom and Democracy Movement (G7) today released its official reservations regarding some references made about the group on the October 13, 2014 Somalia Eritrea Monitoring Group Report (SEMG) Pursuant to UN Security Council Resolution 2111 (2013).

According to the memo it sent to the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee, the movement called it ‘unfortunate‘ to note that the SEMG has been misguided to misrepresent Ginbot 7’s prevailing organizational reality and purpose.

In questioning the attempt by the SEMG in trying to associate Ginbot 7 with the sanction on Eritrea, the movement states,

“The allegations made by SEMG may seem well calculated and deliberate distortions aimed at upholding the sanctions imposed on Eritrea. However, we fail to comprehend why Ginbot 7, or the Ethiopian people for whose rights our organization is struggling for, is interjected in these maneuvers.”

The movement also regrets on the incorporation of numerous unsubstantiated allegations within the report and asked the committee as to why the SEMG had to dwell in its defamatory claims to tarnish the image of G7 if it was unable, as it clearly states in the report, to verify the claims in the first place.

The same can be said about SEMG’s statement in its report regarding its inability to assess the extent of the unsubstantiated support from Asmara.

Ginbot 7 assured all concerned, including the United Nations Security Council, that it is ready to give freely and candidly tangible explanations related to its mission and the achievements in the process of registering its just struggle.

Excerpts of the full press release is as follows:

Download (PDF, 131KB)