Happy 24th Eritrea

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ናጽነት ኤርትራ ብከምዚ ተቀቢልናያ ፡ ብከምዚ ከኣ ክንጽንብላ ኢና
ናጽነት ኤርትራ ብከምዚ ተቀቢልናያ ፡ ብከምዚ ከኣ ክንጽንብላ ኢና። ባሕ ዘይበሎ እንተሎ . . .

By Bereket Kidane,

ERITREA’S worldwide Independence Week celebrations kicked-off this week in earnest. The cities of Melbourne, Australia as well as Bern, Switzerland and Atlanta in the United States reportedly had their celebrations this past weekend.

As usual, Eritrean communities around the world will be enjoying music, children’s activities, great food and a wonderful Eritrean-style atmosphere in celebration of that glorious day in May of 1991 when Yikealo rolled his tanks into Asmara and Assab. 

Eritreans in the City of Atlanta were reportedly treated to a concert by the electrifying Helen Meles. Meanwhile, Eri-TV has already started broadcasting live-transmitted ceremonies from municipalities across Eritrea with street performances, parades, concerts and traditional ceremonies. As usual, Eri-TV’s program during this special month is interspersed with documentaries from the armed struggle to remind us of the heavy sacrifice that went into creating the Eritrean State.

This year’s theme “development through resilience” is indeed a very fitting one. If there is one thing Eritrea and Eritreans are known for is for their resilience, fortitude and a sense of delayed gratification.

So spend sometime this weekend visiting your local Eritrean Community to partake in the celebration of the one thing that unites Eritreans from all walks of life: a sovereign and independent Eritrea given to us by our fallen heroes.

Happy Independence Week!

Zelealemwi Zikhri Nswuatna!