Happy 25th Birthday Eritrea

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25th Birthday of Eritrea
Happy Birthday Eritrea on your 9,125 Days of Independence.

By Bereket Kidane,

As Eritrea goes into the final weekend before it rings in its 25th birthday this coming Tuesday, its silver jubilee anniversary, Eritreans at home and in the diaspora are gearing up for a big birthday bash. Eritreans at home will celebrate the silver jubilee anniversary with fireworks, parades, tent parties, and musical performances. This year’s musical performances will include bands from the United States, Australia, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Turkey, Germany, and others.

This year, in 2016, Eritrea has many achievements to celebrate. Its economy and currency have not only stabilized but gained strength. It has embarked on fruitful and bilateral relations with its Arab and Red Sea neighbors that are going to further stabilize the economy and security of the Red Sea, including that of Eritrea’s ports and coastal waters.

The European Union, led by countries like Germany, has reversed its destructive policy and is now fully engaged as a partner in developing sectors of the economy. Indeed, things are on the up-and-up as Eritrea is celebrating its silver jubilee anniversary.

Eritrea continues to be a work-in-progress but Eritreans should feel good about where the country is today and where it’s headed. The same tenacity, focus and patriotism that enabled the Eritrean people to overcome tremendous odds and achieve independence against the wishes of the great powers will lead them to continue to develop their nation and safeguard its sovereignty. This year’s Independence Day theme, “Quarter century of resilience and development” is indeed a fitting one. Resilience is the hallmark of the Eritrean State and society.

If you are traveling to Eritrea to rub shoulders with Independence Week revelers and participate in the silver jubilee celebrations, consider yourselves lucky. Silver jubilees by their nature are very special and extraordinary. Safe journey to all.

Eritrea is a gift of our martyrs. If you do get caught up in one of those wild Independence Day parties this weekend, don’t forget to wish Eritrea a Happy Birthday.

Yohanna! Yohanna!

Zelealemawi Zikhri n Swuatna!
Awet n Hafash!