Happy 71st Birthday to President Isaias Afwerki

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Dedicating his entire life making a ‘Free and United’ Eritrea a reality.

By Yared Tesfay,

President Isaias Afworki is the founding father of modern Eritrea! He is the essential man in guiding Eritrea at this juncture of its history. He has proven to be incorruptible. He leads by example. He is clearly the greatest Eritrean of his age and has been an inspirational World figure worthy of both admiration and affection for nearly half a century and dedicated his life to freeing his people.

Resolute, determined and possessing a backbone made of steel, President Isaias is the rarest of men, a realistic world visionary who combines a realistic view of human nature with a vision of what a free and united Eritrea could be for posterity.

He has dedicated his entire life to making that vision a reality.

Happy Birthday Mr. President, wishing you all the best!