Happy Birthday Beloved Eritrea

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Happy 29th Birthday Eritrea
Never forget the sacrifices paid to protect Eritrea as a sovereign nation. Happy 29th Independence Anniversary to all proud citizens of this free and glorious nation.


As we zoom in to celebrate the 29th Independence Day of our beloved country, we are reminded of the sacrifice paid by our fallen heroes and heroines and the precious treasure they have left behind for inheritance.

The celebration of our independence day is therefore not only a privilege we enjoy as proud citizens of a free and sovereign nation, but is also an honor conferred for their stoic deeds and heroism as well as the occasion to lionize them most.

The picture of every Tegadalay and Tegadalit proudly displayed on the walls of the living rooms of their families, is a “portrait that hangs in the place of honour”.

We are also celebrating this incalculably significant event in our national holiday’s calendar when the whole world is locked down due to the unforgiving pandemic. Countries big and small, rich, and poor are struggling to cope with the devastating impact of the coronavirus.

We see even those who would not hesitate to project their might and superiority in all aspects, have been humiliated and exposed. If anything that the outbreak of this pandemic has shown is that, it is not what you have that matters to successfully fight the virus. Who you are and your character is even of greater significance. Certainly this is not to minimize the critical part that material assets can play, but how you lead as a government is equally of paramount importance.

Eritrea - the first Eastern and Horn of Africa country to beat the deadly COVID-19 pandemic with no fatality.
Eritrea – the only eastern and horn of African country that is free of the coronavirus pandemic to-date.

Eritrea’s approach has manifestly shown that it is possible to do a lot of good work if you count on your people and positively lead the way forward. This people’s approach has paid handsomely by enabling the country to arrest the spread of the virus with zero deaths and full recovery of all infected patients, albeit temporarily as the war continues.

Trust is critical in every government undertaking. And the Eritrean people have responded spectacularly because they believe in their common good and trust their government. With its people on its side and post this crisis, the government of Eritrea will undoubtedly deliver on the aspirations and eventual transformation we all long for and look forward confidently that the future of our country is in safe hands.

To put this in proper perspective, Eritrea is a small and poor country that cannot boast of possessing the required material resources to fight the virus. Far from it. But it is a country that is rich in healthy social capital. The resolve and fortitude shown by all patriotic citizens are what has made the difference. However this would not have been enough had it not been for the time-tested organizational capacity of Hizbawi Ginbar (EPLF/ Shaebia), the precursor of Peoples Front for Democracy and Freedom (PFDJ).

Massawa port
29th Independence Anniversary will be celebrated under the theme: “Resilience and Progress”.

The government of Eritrea has leveraged this (unique Eritrean innate disposition to reach out to your people) – human resource asset in the decisive fight against the spread of the virus and won. This has been the thoughtfully nurtured and deployed strategy during the protracted war of independence.

In all its struggles for survival, the resource Eritrea relied and continues to rely upon is its people and a winning people as such!

Finally, what must be clearly understood by all friends or foes of Eritrea is that Hizbawi Ginbar is a natural entity of government. I assert this is not because of partisan bias, but because it is past and present history has withstood the test of times and undoubtedly will continue to be so with the march of times. It is firmly and deeply embedded in the Eritrean social fabric.

Let those who bash Eritrea as a means of their sustenance and those with evil mindset wish Eritrea bad be perpetually disappointed because they are stuck against a winning country!

In closing let me say Yohanna, تهانينا لكم (tahanina lakum) to every Eritrean as we celebrate virtually the birthday of the jewel of the Red Sea.

Glory to our Martyrs
Long Live Eritrea Livre.