Benghazi Smokescreen; Hiding Western War Crimes in Libya

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The truth behind the Benghazi smokescreen
The truth behind the smokescreen. What happened in Benghazi was not just a tragedy, but a blatant criminal act on the part of the Obama’s government.

By Thomas C. Mountain,

The recent Benghazi smokescreen produced by the US Congress may have tried to hide the war crimes committed by the USA and its western vassals in Libya but reality on the ground has blown all the smoke away bringing to light who the west really empowered once again, the Islamic State a.k.a. Da’esh.

Through out the Benghazi hearings no mention was made of the tens of thousands of Libyans that were massacred by the over 10,000 bombing raids flow by western pilots, part of a no fly zone enacted even though there was not a single aerial raid by Gaddafi prior to the imposition of such. No mention of this at the hearings of course, the fact that there was absolutely no need for a no fly zone because there never had been any bombings by Gaddafi of anyone in Libya during the entire rebellion.

The fraudulent no fly zone was part of a trio of fabricated charges used to incite international support for a particularly criminal war that destroyed a country whose people enjoyed a life that was the envy of their neighbors.

During the golden age of Libyan peace and prosperity under Muammar Gaddafi and his peoples movement Libya was generally an island of religious moderation surrounded by neighbors fighting powerful extremist movements that were the forefathers of today’s Islamic State takfiri/wahabists.

Today’s Islamic State leader in what used to be Libya is one Bel Haj,infamous for his role in recruiting suicide bombers to slaughter untold thousands of Iraqi Shi’ite during his reign over Al Queda in Iraq after the US invasion.

During the Libyan rebellion he was recast as an anti Gaddafi patriot fighting a despotic regime in Libya. Tens of thousands of US made bombs later and the death of Gaddafi, the man who released him from prison, Bel Haj is now Caliph of a large chunk of north Africa, once part of Gaddafi’s Jammahariya.

Where do you think Boko Haram in Nigeria is getting its weapons from?

The other two lies used to whip up international opinion against the Gaddafi government where so intertwined in an historic racism rooted deep in the Arab psyche that all it took were broadcasts alleging Black, African mercenaries were raping Arab women to send hundreds of thousands of Libyan families fleeing their homes. Yet not one case of rape has ever been proven never mind Hillary Clinton’s viagra fueled mass rape charges. Of course, this question will never be raised in the likes of the Benghazi hearings, though an Amnesty International senior investigator was in Benghazi a week after the rebellion broke out in 2011 and reported that there had been no rapes, no African mercenaries and only 110 dead total, including both sides, before the No Fly Zone was launched under fraudulent pretexts.

No black mercenaries, no rapes, and no aerial bombardments, the war against Libya was based entirely on lies. No wonder Pax Americana had to try so hard to divert attention from anything resembling scrutiny of what they created, the lawlessness and terrorism in what was once the state of Libya.

With a homeland under the Islamic State and its Caliph, Bel Haj, fanatics from the entire region have a haven to rest and recuperate, and rearm, before returning to the front lines to commit more murder against apostates and infidels where ever they may be. Boko Haram has certainly benefited from Libyan arms and Bel Haj’s support.

All the smoke used to dress the Benghazi melodrama and punditry has blown away for now, and no one in the USA is any wiser about what really happened in the destruction of a once proud nation, Libya. For this we can thank the Benghazi smokescreen and those behind the fog machines, the ever faithful media in the west.

Thomas C. Mountain is an independent journalist living and reporting from Eritrea since 2006. He can be reached via twitter @thomascmountain, on Facebook at thomascmountain or via email at thomascmountain at g mail dot com